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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spotlight: Secret Behind Jamuna’s Daughter’s Marriage

Here is another good article showing the Biased in society towards Men. This article seems good since it focuses more on how the Man is being cheated.

The current day has become so sensitive towards women that in the name of equality and rights, they are ending up causing problems for themselves as well as the society. The reason why this line has come up is due to the recent incident of Jamuna’s daughter and the hungama which has been going on in the news channels.

While most of them have been empathizing with Jamuna and her daughter, here is the truth which is likely to change your perspective.

Apparently, Jamuna is a Madhwa Brahmin and her daughter Sravanthi was a late birth child. The marriage trials were on and it seems Jamuna used to say to the prospective alliances that ‘her nature is like mine in ‘Gundamma Katha’.

However, many advised Jamuna not to say that and talk more about the tradition of the girl. Due to Jamuna’s audacity, big matches got dropped. Meanwhile, her daughter loved the Reddy boy Rahul and at first fight happened at home but eventually, they agreed.

Though Jamuna claims to be from a high society, the fact is that she is just upper middle. The groom’s family is also upper middle class. The story took a turn with Jamuna instigating Sravanthi. Sources confirm that Jamuna used to say “you are Jamuna’s daughter, how can you serve tea for guests, how can you go and do household chores etc”.

That brought change in Sravanthi and that resulted in clashes among the family members in groom’s home. Jamuna got irritated and called media to show his celebrity power. Jamuna has used dowry-harassment card to trouble the in-laws instantly. For the fear of getting arrested before saying anything to media, Sravanthi’s husband ran away.

Though the in-laws have very good impression on Sravanthi, it is Jamuna who is the culprit which led to the ruining of her married life. The over interference of Jamuna in her daughter’s life has caused the mess.

Interestingly, in all this Jamuna’s hubby has not been saying a word. On the other hand, the media is siding Jamuna simply because she is a celebrity. All this is truth as it has come from a very reliable source. Simply due to the ego and starry airs of Jamuna and her fingering nature, Sravanthi’s life has become a disaster. The moral of the story is, after marriage parents’ involvement must be minimum and it applies to the parents of both the boys and girls. This goes to all those parents like Jamuna and for those who want to be like Jamuna.

Something similar happened with actress Bhanumathi’s son Bharani also earlier. He was in love with a Christian girl. Bhanumathi spoiled that relation and got him married to a Brahmin girl and eventually that broke off leaving Bharani in distress. He married another lady who is a Christian (the sister of his first wife). This catastrophe is common among the lives of any boy or girl where the parents involve much into their lives with their ego and superiority complex.

Shoaib sought Rs 3.5 cr for rights to cover his reception: Report

Well how do you expect Shoaib Malik to recoup his 15 Crores he had to pay his Ex Wife? Normal people can never give so much nor earn it back so easily.

 April 25th, 2010

Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik has reportedly demanded a whopping Rs 3.5 crore for the rights to cover his reception and 'walima' ceremony in his hometown Sialkot after his wedding to Indian tennis star Sania Mirza.

Shoaib asked his private security guards to keep the media away from both ceremonies as none of the TV news channels had agreed to cough up the huge amount demanded by the cricketer and any deal was not yet struck, 'Dunya News' channel reported.

The channel claimed it had obtained an invitation card for the 'walima' to be hosted by Shoaib in Lahore's Pearl Continental Hotel on April 27 by paying Rs 10,000 (about $125) to a relative of the cricketer.

On the other hand, the administration of Pearl Continental Hotel has asked journalists to leave the premises.

Dozens of reporters, especially those from TV news channels, have been thronging the hotel since the couple arrived there two days ago.

"The hotel administration took the step on behalf of Shoaib," journalist Hina Farooq claimed.

Shaoib has already requested the government of Punjab province to provide the couple and his guests from India "foolproof" security.

Shoaib and his brother-in-law Imran Zafar have criticised the media after Sania and her mother Nasima Mirza were jostled and pushed by an unruly crowd after reaching the Pearl Continental Hotel.

The incident brought tears to Sania's eyes.

"Please spare us," was the request from both Shoaib and Zafar.

"For God's sake, leave us alone. You are trying to fix cameras in our rooms," an angry Zafar shouted at the media.

Before leaving for Sialkot, Shoaib, Sania and her parents and relatives visited the shrine of Hazrat Ali Hajvary Data Ganj Bakhsh and offered prayers.

Meanwhile, Sialkot district police chief Waqar Ahmed Chohan said an official order on serving only one dish at wedding receptions will be enforced in letter and spirit.

"We will not allow even Shaoib to violate the ban," he said.

The Punjab government introduced the one-dish rule for weddings and receptions last year as part of a series of austerity measures.

Men more suicide-prone: Report

April 24th, 2010

Hyderabad, April 23: More married men are ending their lives than married women, according to the latest statistics from the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB).

The state echoes the trend seen nationally. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 57,639 married men committed suicide as against 30,224 married women in 2008 in the country.

In Andhra Pradesh, 7,357 married men and 3,212 married women ended their lives.

Fewer unmarried men and women seem to have cause for ending their own lives — 1,533 men and 834 women statewide.

A senior police official of the SCRB says that financial problems and domestic tiffs are the most common reasons for suicides among men.

The ratio of male to female suicides for the year 2008 as per the National Crime Records Bureau is 64:36. The suicide ratio of boys and girls under 14 is 49:51.

While most men commit suicide due to social and economic problems, women are driven by emotional and personal issues.

Women are driven to suicides due to dowry disputes, pregnancy out of wedlock, physical abuse, rape, not having children, divorce, cancellation or non-settlement of marriage, and suspected extramarital affairs of their husbands.

Andhra Pradesh accounts for 11.5 per cent of suicides in the country, the third highest number of suicides in the country.

In all 14,354 persons ended their life in the state in 2008. West Bengal and Tamil Nadu are other states with a high number of suicides.

Vijayawada City posts an intriguing statistic — 41.7 per cent of suicides here are due to family problems.