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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Husbands Acting on Behalf of Women Representatives

Women’s Commission terms it forgery

Nainital, July 2

Peeved over certain women representatives of public being represented by their husbands at various forums, the Uttarakhand Commission for Women is planning to write the state government to take immediate steps to check this practice and treat it on a par with forgery.

Vice-chairman of the commission Geeta Thakur said here today, “It is really a pity that we have pradhan pati, sarpanch pati and block pramukh pati (husbands of gram pradhans, sarpanches and block presidents) representing them in various meetings at the administrative level. There are instances that the husbands take decisions on their behalf. Such practices need to be stopped and the women public representatives need to understand that they are representing the public with certain powers entrusted. The husbands have no rights to use that power.”

Geeta said, “We are going to take up the matter with the state government at the earliest asking them to take measures to stop this practice which is nothing but forgery in a different form. If the husband goes ahead and signs at the place where his elected wife is supposed to do, it is obviously a case of forgery and needs to be dealt with in a similar manner.”

She further said the commission was going to take up issues concerning women of Uttarakhand with the National Commission for Women (NCW) at a meeting scheduled to be held on July 5. This is the first time that there would be an interface between the two institutions. “We want them to know that there is a need to set up stay homes for women who are victims of atrocities in the state. We will also be seeking budgetary provisions for making women aware of their legal and other rights. We also want to involve the aanganwadi workers in making women in the villages aware of things and also to help them report cases of rape and other atrocities to the police. We are also aiming to get the police officials to train these aanganwadi workers on how to help the victims reach them,” she added.

Referring to the recent tie up of the commission with the 108 EMRI

emergency health service which will help women facing atrocities or abuse get their complaints registered by dialling the number 108, Geeta divulged that a police personnel will accompany the ambulance to reach the victims.

She said in cases of rape or other atrocities, the women would not have to go to the police station but would get their complaints recorded while being transported and being given first aid inside the 108 ambulance.

“This will also help in checking cases where women at times try to register false complaints as she can always be confronted later with whatever she got recorded in the first instance,” she said. She added that at least 35

per cent of the complaints of dowry lodged by women across the state

were found to be false and the recording of their version through GPRS

would help check this. She said since the tie up with the 108 service, 84 women complainants had got their complaints lodged.She was very critical of the attitude of the police towards the women who are victim of various atrocities and seek legal redressal.

She accused the police of tampering with the complaints and evidence in several instances, besides helping the accused in various matters flee by the time a police team arrives to arrest him.

Lawyer murdered in high court

July 9, 2010

27-year-old trial lawyer smuggles knife inside high-security zone, stabs 26-year-old advocate for spurning him

On Thursday, the Karnataka High Court witnessed a horrific incident. At around 1.50 pm, 26-year-old lawyer Naveena Srinivas was allegedly stabbed by a 27-year-old trial court lawyer Rajappa Lakshmaiah outside Court Hall 4 on the first floor. Immediately after stabbing Naveena with a pen knife, Rajappa tried to kill himself. Unrequited love is said to be the cause of the murder.

According to eye-witnesses, Rajappa came to see Naveena near the court hall during lunch hour, and had a heated argument with her. He then whipped out a small knife and stabbed her a couple of times. Naveena collapsed in a bloody heap and started screaming. Even as some lawyers tried to get hold of him, Rajappa locked himself inside a nearby toilet and stabbed himself. He reportedly consumed poison after stabbing Naveena.

The police arrived almost immediately and brought out the semi-conscious Rajappa. They rushed him to Bowring Hospital, where he is being treated for major injuries in the throat and chest. Naveena was rushed to Mallya Hospital where she was declared brought dead.


Senior counsel Subramanya Jois who witnessed the gruesome incident said that if police personnel were areound it would have acted as a deterrent. “Usually armed policemen guard the court hall during proceedings. But it is natural for them too to leave for lunch. Even if there were a few policemen, Rajappa would not have dared commit such a heinous act," he said.

Yet another advocate, refusing to be named, said, “If they had rushed the ambulance stationed inside Vidhana Soudha, the girl's life could could have been saved. Instead it took more than 15 minutes for the amblance to reach the spot.”

There were other hurdles too. “We did not know whether it was near the front gate or in some other part of the court. The staircase to the court hall was not only narrow but also crowded with advocates and it was extremely difficult for our staff to move swiftly with the stretcher,” he added.

Doctors at Mallya Hospital are trying to save Rajappa ‘who has several stab wounds and had also consumed poison’. He is expected to survive.

Families of the victim and the accused, who are based in Kolar district, had rushed to Bangalore after hearing of the incident.

How Rajappa smuggled knife inside

Though the high court is supposed to be in a high security zone that includes the Vidhana Soudha and Legislators' Home, checking is actually very lax. So, the accused might have easily carried the knife into the court premises.

In theory, any person entering the high court building has to go through a metal detector placed strategically at the various entrances. But in reality, there are quite a few places where anyone can avoid the metal detectors. Three gates are earmarked for vehicles. One is near Gopal Gowda circle, the second opposite Vidhana Soudha and the third is on a road that comes from Press Club. But, the vehicles are not checked at any of these gates. However, those in civilian clothes are sometimes asked about their business in the premises. Those in advocates' attire are spared any questioning.

Those entering the high court building have to pass through metal detectors at the main entrance. Metal detectors have also been placed on either side of the building. But those who park their vehicles in front of the building or behind can avoid all these detectors.

Anyone can walk into the canteen at the north-east corner of the building. From the canteen on the ground floor, a visitor can move into any other part of the building.

The advocates' room on the ground floor right behind the statue of Lord Cubbon also does not have any metal detector.

But, hundreds of people enter the building from near State Public Prosecutor's (SPP) office without undergoing any security check.

Attack not impulsive

Police found a note on Rajappa allegedly stating that he wanted to kill himself and that no one is responsible for his death.

Sources said the note was written in Kannada and said: 'I am going to die. I had told the girl that I loved her. I wanted to marry her, but she refused. She told me that I will get other girls and I should marry them and I would be happy. I am going to die, but no one is responsible for my death. I have also written another similar letter, which is in my office. All details of the love affair between me and her is in a pen drive at the office."

Police are investigating the veracity and contents of the letter.

Eyewitness account: ‘Girl was still breathing’

Subramanya Jois, senior counsel in the high court, said, “I was standing just eight feet from where the incident happened. Suddenly a lady started screaming and I and my friend rushed to the spot. When we went there, we were shocked to see an advocate being stabbed repeatedly.

On seeing us, the man ran into the toilet and locked himself inside. We also latched the door from outside thinking that he would escape.

“We were keen on saving the girl who was gasping for breath, so we got her water from court hall 4. While I was trying to pour water into her mouth she collapsed. Everything happened in just three to four minutes. Immediately we called for help.”

According to Azeemuddin, an advocate in the HC, “I was on my way to the rest room and accidentally happened to see the girl's face as she was talking to the man.

“But when I was coming out of the rest room, I saw her lying in a pool of blood. The man was trying to stab himself in the corridor. I rushed towards him and I tried to stop him but he kept stabbing himself.

“He then ran into the toilet and locked the door. I saw him carrying a bottle wrapped in a paper and it could have been poison.

“All this happened in a span of minutes. I alerted the people around and by this time even the police had arrived on the scene. The girl was still breathing and her body was convulsing. I also alerted her boss, senior advocate Prakash Shetty, about the incident.”

Fate decreed otherwise

Naveena's senior, advocate Prakash Shetty wanted her to accompany him to the Central Administrative Tribunal in Indiranagar after she was done with her work in the High Court.

“We were to leave at 1 pm. She was talking to her advocate friends, so I left her behind.

“She called me at 1.30 pm. By then, I was already near Indiranagar," Prakash Shetty said.

Naveena and her colleague Satish BH ate vadas at the High Court canteen after their senior left.

"She had just collected her smart card and called me at 1.05 pm and I asked her to be near the registration office. We ate vadas in the canteen. I told her she was looking good today and she said she had had a head bath. I told her we would have lunch near the car parked outside.

“She was with me till 1.15 pm. She left with Rajappa when he came," Satish said.


Satish, who works in the same office as Naveena, says he had advised Rajappa a day before the murder not to pester her. "On Wednesday, I advised him not to bother her. They are from different castes and I told him it would be near impossible for them to get married. I do not know for how long the two knew each other, but in the last few weeks I have seen him come to meet her.

“She always tried to avoid him. She was living at a paying guest facility near Modi Hospital. He was living in a rented room in Malleshwaram," Satish revealed.

Prakash Shetty said he has never met Rajappa. "I did not know anything about him until this incident. Naveena was a very nice girl who kept to herself. She was working with us for the last three months.

“If she had come with me to Indiranagar today as planned, she would have been alive," he said

Women lawyers oppose holiday court proposal

July 8, 2010

CHENNAI: Chief justice M Yusuf Eqbal's proposal to unveil holiday courts' to hear family court cases on Saturdays has evoked mixed reactions from advocates and their associations.

While the two top associations -- Madras High Court Advocates Association and the Tamil Nadu Advocates Associations -- have made it clear that they had no objection to the proposal so long as advocates were not forced to accept the idea, two others forums -- Women Lawyers Association and the Federation of Women Lawyers in Tamil Nadu -- have condemned the suggestion.

Pointing out that several states had six-day week for the judiciary, the MHAA president RC Paul Kanagaraj said that courts could function on Saturdays only with the consent of the advocates concerned. "We, however, are not in favour of any court works on Sundays. We deprecate any move to extent holiday courts to Sundays as well," he told reporters on Wednesday.

S Prabakaran, president of TNAA, said holiday courts, as a policy, should not be thrust upon advocates. "If counsel appearing for their clients are willing to participate in holiday court proceedings, let them do so. We will not oppose it. However, constitution of more courts to hear family cases would avoid unnecessary complications," he said.

The WLA, on its part, condemned the proposal and called upon the authorities to withdraw the proposal forthwith. An extraordinary general body meeting of the WLA was convened on Wednesday, and resolutions against the proposal were adopted at the meeting, according to the WLA president D Prasanna. "We resolve to take necessary steps for sanction of more additional family courts for speedy disposal of pending cases," it said.

The federation president, K Santhakumari, said no quality justice could be expected from judges who were stressed out in the first five working days of the week, and then asked to preside over holiday courts. She denied the claim that most of the adjournments in family courts was due to non-availability of leave for the litigants. "It is wrong to assume that all litigants before family courts are working couples or those from IT background," she said, adding that the authorities must focus on simplifying the procedural formalities in family courts. "Parties need not be made to visit courts for every hearing and adjournments. It is enough if they are present for counselling, trial and examination," Santhakumari said.

Former CBI counsel Gita Ramaseshan said the higher judiciary too should think of working on holidays. Whereas rights activist Sudha Ramalingam said it was a short-sighted idea, which would not bring the desired results. A delegation of advocates is likely to meet chief justice Eqbal on Thursday to press for withdrawal of the proposal.

Victims should be allowed to take part in prosecution: HC

July 8, 2010

CHENNAI: In an effort to sustain public confidence in the criminal justice delivery system, the Madras high court has ruled that victims too had every right to take part in the prosecution, and that trial courts should not deny them the constitutional right' and the human right'.

Justice M M Sundresh, passing orders on a criminal petition filed by Sathyavani Ponrani on Wednesday, said: "After all it is he (victim) who sets the criminal law in motion and it is he (victim) who is the affected party. This court is of the opinion that an advocate engaged by a victim will have to be permitted to take part in criminal proceedings, thereby performing his role as an advocate representing the victim."

Sathyavani's daughter, married in July 2009, committed suicide a few months later. He lodged a complaint against her in-laws alleging harassment for dowry and cruelty. One of the accused -- Samuel Raj -- sought anticipatory bail in the sessions court in Madurai. When Sathyavani sought to be included in the case as intervener to oppose grant of anticipatory bail, the sessions court dismissed his claim, on the ground that there was prohibition under Section 301 (appearance for public prosecutor) of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Justice Sundresh, disapproving of the denial of the right, reiterated the need to ensure the active participation of victims too in bail and other criminal trial proceedings, and said the advocate engaged by the victims should assist the prosecution, prosecutor and the court. "It is the sole prerogative of the public prosecutor to pick, choose and examine a prosecution witness. However, if he fails in the duty, either accidentally or designly, in the opinion of the court, then in such a circumstance, it can permit a victim's lawyer even to examine a witness. Such a power can be exercised by the court for the purpose of conducting a free and fair trial in the interest of justice."

Reiterating that there cannot be any prohibition for a victim to engage a lawyer and permit him to conduct the case by way of assisting the prosecution, Justice Sundresh said, "As the victim seeks to assist the prosecution there cannot be any prejudice since what is sought to be made is only to assist the prosecution and not to replace the prosecution. Moreover, in view of the huge inflow and pendency of cases, at times it may not be possible for a public prosecutor to concentrate fully on a single case."

Defining the term victim,' Justice Sundresh said it could mean not only the victim but anyone who assisted the victim or who sets the criminal law in motion or even a third party with public interest. "In a case where the victim is no more, it cannot be said no application can be filed by anybody. When a victim is not capable of prosecuting a case, then he has to be represented by another person."

Justice Sundresh, noting that a victim is very much a part of a criminal justice, said that it is unfair to disallow a victim to conduct the prosecution along with the public prosecutor when he had the right to be heard in litigations to quash or transfer the proceedings.

Describing the state's constitutional obligation to ensure free and fair investigation and trial as constitutional and fundamental right, the judge said, "such a right cannot be confined only to the accused. It should be available to the victim also, depending upon the facts of the case."

Justice Sundresh, however, made it very clear that courts should not allow any plea contrary to the case of the prosecution and which lacks bonafides. Courts must consider bonafides, legitimacy and genuineness of the victim while allowing his request to assist the prosecution.

In the end, he directed the subordinate courts to permit the petitioner to intervene and oppose the anticipatory bail pleas of the accused, if and when such a petition is filed.


India as democratic nation and viberant society has a history of both external & internal threats to its soverignity and peace. Today, it has biggest threats from:

Rang De Basanti: Jail Bharo (Courting arrest for a Cause)

Hey Dad,
Hope you were watching. Today I courted arrest along with my SIF brothers and family members for a cause, the cause that you told me not to give up ever, come what may. Remember? Way back in 2004, fearing detention, you and mom had gone to the police station asking the police permission to see how the place of detention would be! That was your chhota sa jail bharo then, Today a small battalion did a Jail Bharo in Mumbai and Hyderabad. Once, seeing you and mom running for cover, honestly made me lose that battle (as because of me, you all were in a threat). But with your blessings and blessings of other parents, SIF Army is fighting a war. My battalion is IFF and MASHAAL.

Addressing the Media:

On a Nonstop dharna against this misuse, Mr Ravindra Gangurde, a social worker representing our cause announced a Jail Bharo in support of the victims of 498a misuse and other related laws. To which Battalions of IFF Mumbai, AIFWA Hyderabad, AIMWA Chennai and NHFS Bengaluru agreed. On the other hand My Macho Friend, Aryan Vaid (Mr.India) the bollywood personality agreed to join the movement in support as a socially responsible gesture and he chose to come all out in the Jail Bharo.


We gathered at the Goregaon Railway Station West on 6th July 10, Mr Gangurde and other SIF members. The reporters and Police all were waiting, as per the permission we started our slogan shouting at 11am. Reporters took our bytes and interview. It went on for one Hour, Aryan Joined us a little while from then and the people was star stuck. Aryan’s Guts are note worthy for associating himself with a Politically Incorrect Cause, And that too so strongly with accurate reasoning and perception of this side. The Media had no counter questions after Aryan’s Speech. They all said “you left no scope for any counter questions” they were just impressed.

The Battalions are heartily thankful to COMMANDO Aryan. It feels so nice that a celebrity has come all
outin open in support for this cause.

Courting Arrest:

Inside the Police Van at 12:15pm

Outside police station at 1.45pm

after courting Arrest (Jail Bharo) and submitting the memo for the PM, Presi, MP's MLA's DGP et al) to the station senior Inspector. Aryan was with us through out.

Dad, You used to tell me your pompous stories, as a 12 year old in 1945 you had shouted Inquilab Zindabad in front of the British Army at Swadeshi Kapad Market. Now I too have been a part of a History. I along with SIF friends will, in our coming days recollect this day like you did and inspire the new gen kids to fight for a cause.

Hope the lifeless govt blinks on this issue in the very near future, and we share more stories with the new generation to bring about a change towards correction. And assure them that we have a win win and a safe society for them.

Giraftaree se na Daro, Jail Bharo Jail Bharo.

“Pati Parivar ko Karo Azad, Inquilab Zindabad.”

Its Basant for this movement the fields are golden……..

Jinesh Zaveri.

More Snaps at : (Mumbai) (Photos by: Amol Khar)



Friday, July 9, 2010

Basic requirement in all cases

Here is a posting from M.R. Gupta Mumbai Helpline, this is good guide lines for all to follow.

Dear friends,

I have observed that most of the people do not know the basic requirement in all cases as what they should do.

1] Get certified copy of all "Roznama" (brief of activity done in court on hearing day). For this no advocate is required.

2] Get certified copies of all documents, which you submitted and opposite party submitted to court, even though you have recieved a copy from opposite party through court, as this is not an authentic copy.

3] There are two types of certified copies from court - 1) Ordinary copy @ Rs.4/- per written side of page and 2) Urgent copy @ Rs.7/- per written side of page. On the day of hearing apply for "ordinary" certified copy after hearing. You will save your one trip to court only to apply for copy.

4] Get certified copies from various authorities of complaint, statements etc. using RTI.

5] Always keep following books with you -

a) Major Criminal Act - This contains : Criminal Procedure Code,

1973 ; Indian Penal Code, 1860 and Indian Evidence Act, 1872.

b) Civil Procedure Code, 1908

c) Marriage and Divorce Laws

d) Protection to Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (DV Act)

6] Read and remember contents of all documents of your case.

M.R. Gupta
Mumbai Helpline


Boy Invokes PWDVA in a Trend-Setter Case

April 3, 2010

A magisterial court here has ruled in favour of an eleven-year-old boy, directing his father, a divorcee, to pay him a monthly amount of Rs 1500 towards educational expenses under the Protection to Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) provisions, invoked perhaps for the first time by a male.

The order was passed by Umeshchandra More, JMFC on Thursday following a petition moved by the boy alleging negligence on part of his father who did not pay adequate sum to bear his educational expenses.

The boy has been put under a permanent custody of his mother since 2005 after the couple separated.

Aseem Sarode, the lawyer who represented the boy, said the court ruling was the first of its kind in the country, establishing "gender neutral effect" of the PWDVA Act which is normally perceived to be used only by females to redress their grievances.

"Section 2 of PWDVA specifically mentions the word child which is used in a gender neutral way under which any person below the age of 18---including stepchildren, adopted or foster children of any gender could take recourse to the legislation," he said.

Sarode who is also a human rights activist, said the court ruling would make access to justice easy for a neglected population of persons below the age of 18 and offer a new avenue to protect the rights of children.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mel Gibson's Racist Rant Caught On Tape - Tells Oksana She Would Get 'Raped By ******s'

July 1, 2010

In one of the most explosive, racist and vile outbursts by a celebrity ever caught on tape, Mel Gibson told the mother of his love child that the way she was dressed would get her "raped by a pack of n***ers," The Me has learned exclusively.

It's a shocking and blockbuster development in the couple's bitter legal battle, and Mel's disgusting words are on audio tape. His racist, misogynist statement is one of the secrets lurking in his war with his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

The Media has heard the tape, which also includes Mel telling Oksana he will burn down her home.

Drunken Mel previously shocked the world with his anti-Semetic comments when busted for DUI. Now, the new racist outburst has taken the Oscar winner to an even deeper low.

His outburst came during a series of explosive arguments with Oksana, mother of his infant daughter Lucia. They have been battling in court, with documents under seal, for the past several weeks.

And there is more than one disgusting outburst from Mel. has listened to the hate-fuelled rants the Braveheart star unleashed during fights with Oksana as their relationship unraveled.

"You're an embarrassment to me," Mel tells her at one point.

"You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault."

Mel's attorney told that he is no longer commenting on the case and said Mel's publicist is the only Mel official who will speak for him.

Mel's profane outbursts are littered with references to Oksana being a "whore" and "c**t".

In another tirade, Mel tells Oksana: "How dare you act like such a bitch when I have been so f**king nice."

He warns, "I am going to come and burn the f**king house down... but you will blow me first."

EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson Plans To Honor Child Support, Says His Attorney

The emergence of the explicit tapes is a stunning development in the couple's bitter separation and court battle over custody of their young daughter.

The Media first broke the story about how Mel, 54, and Oksana, 40, filed dueling restraining orders against each other under seal.

Published reports say Oksana is alleging Gibson punched her in the face twice during a fit of rage, giving her a concussion and knocking out two of her front teeth.

Gibson does not deny that they had a confrontation but has simply described it, through his lawyer, as a loud argument.

In a further outburst, Mel is heard telling her, "You're a bitch" to which Oksana insists, "I didn't do anything."

"Did so," Mel responds.

The tapes do not make it clear what the couple was arguing about.

But Mel tells Oksana, "Look what you did to me... look what you are... look what every part of you is... f**king fake... f**king fake.

"You are the most synthetic person... who the f*** are you?"

He also takes aim at Oksana's previous relationship with former James Bond star Timothy Dalton, with whom she has a 13-year-old son, Alexander.

EXCLUSIVE: Oksana Has Secret Evidence Against Mel Gibson

A source close to the situation says Oksana claims she was forced to tape Mel after he made a series of death threats.

EXCLUSIVE: Oksana Punched? 'Her Teeth Are In Her Mouth,' Says Mel Gibson's Lawyer

The source says she hopes the recordings will be admissible in any potential trial.

"Oksana's motivation for recording this was to show Mel how mean he was, and because she feared for her life," said the insider.

"She wanted to get evidence that he was dangerous and violent."

The source claims that Mel has heard two of the tapes.

Said the source, "Mel is doing everything he can to suppress this... they are the rantings of a mad man."

When cops arrested Mel in 2006 on suspicion of drunk driving, Mel barraged them with obscenities, tried to escape custody and spewed bizarre anti-Semitic remarks.

"F**king Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," Mel said.

He also allegedly told a female officer, "What do you think you're looking at, sugar t*ts?"

The news sparked worldwide outrage and the Mad Max star later apologized.

Gibson has seven children with former wife Robyn, whom he split with in 2009 after 27 years of marriage.

Mel Gibson on tape: Oksana Grigorieva 'deserved' to get hit

Jul. 8, 2010
Mel Gibson allegedly told his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva she "deserved" to get hit while holding their young baby Lucia.

A new tape recording reveals a teary Oksana asking the 54-year-old actor what he thinks he is doing hitting her while she is holding their two-month-old child in early January.

According to, Oksana can be heard on the tape saying: "What kind of man is that who would hit a woman while she is holding a child in her hands, hitting her twice in the face? What kind of man is that?"

The 'Braveheart' star answers: "You know what - you (expletive) deserved it."

The allegations are the latest in a string of accusations by Oksana, who has also filed a restraining order against Mel.

Other recordings allegedly feature the two-time Oscar winner telling the Russian singer she looks like a "(expletive) pig in heat".

Mel has also sought a court order to stop the recordings being publically released, and to prevent photographs which apparently show the extent of the injuries he caused Oksana - he is alleged to have given her two black eyes and broken her front teeth.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

UN violence against women prevention and combating

Must read

Cop's Indecent Proposal To Bahu

Cop's Indecent Proposal To Bahu

 7 July 2010

New Delhi, July 07: Assaulted by her drug-addict husband, abused by her in-laws, Parveen (28) finally decided to give up on her marriage, after enduring the torture for ten long years. Parveen married Mohammad Nasir (32), the son of Mohammad Islamuddin (52), a Delhi police sub-inspector, in 2000. After sometime, she realised her husband was an alcoholic; on objecting to it she was beaten up.

"Before my marriage even my family members were not aware of Nasir's profile. A few days after the wedding I came to know that he was a drunkard. I objected but he didn't stop. He beat me up and later started torturing me for dowry. After a year, I gave birth to a girl; Nasir and his father got very angry. Three years later I gave birth to my second daughter, and the situation became worse. Nasir and his cop father often tortured me for my daughters," said Parveen.

Four years ago Parveen gave birth to a boy. But the countenance of her in-laws didn't change. After a few days, she came to know that Nasir had started taking drugs.

"One day I saw Nasir in the balcony and he was putting something into his cigarette. I discovered that he had started taking drugs. I would beg him for some money for the school fees of my daughters but he refused, instead blaming me for giving birth to girls. When I asked his father for money, he told me to get out of the house. He even threatened to kill me and said he would send my children to an orphanage," Parveen added.

The torture wasn't over. Sometimes her in-laws pushed Parveen out of the house.

"They even forced my children to go with me. But when I returned, Nasir alleged that I was having affairs with the people I had stayed with during that time. I wanted money for education and food for my children, so when I begged them again Nasir and his father told me get into prostitution (Bachcho ke liye paise chahiye toh jakar dhanda kar le)," Parveen added.

Parveen finally left her husband's residence and shifted to her mother's home in Jafarabaad area. Then, she decided to teach Nasir and his father a lesson and approached the Delhi Women's Commission. "After suffering 10 years of torture, I decided to take action against them. I left their house with my children but Nasir threatened me that his father is a cop and I cannot do anything. But still I went to the Delhi Women's Commission for justice. I have three kids and I want their life secured and I will fight for my rights," Parveen added.

The commission had ordered the accused father and son to appear on July 6, but none of them were present on the due date. "We have again sent them a notice to appear on August 2. And if they ignore the order this time, we will seek the help of the police," said M S Sachdeva, member of Delhi Women's Commission. When approached by MiD DAY, the victim's husband refused to comment on the matter.

Relatives kill girl's lover after she elopes with him

 July 6, 2010

Chennai, July 06: In yet another suspected honour killing, relatives of a girl, who eloped with her lover after she was forced to marry against her wishes, murdered the man besides seriously injuring the girl in Tamil Nadu?s Sivaganga district today.

Police sources said 18-year-old Menaka was married to Kalidoss, much against her wishes a month ago.

She was reported missing for the past one week and her parents and relatives came to know that she was living with her lover Sivakumar near a village near Manamadurai town.

Both were cajoled by the parents and brought back to Sivaganga where Sivakumar was murdered, police said.

Menaka, who was grievously injured in the attack by her relatives, was admitted to government hospital at Madurai where her condition was stated to be serious, they said.

Rapist clears IAS and gets Bail

 7 July 2010

New Delhi,July 07 :A RAPE convict, who was released on the orders of the Delhi High Court after he cleared the civil service examination from jail, has not been responding to a notice issued to him on an appeal by the National Commission for Women ( NCW).

A public notice was published in two newspapers on behalf of the Supreme Court on December 8, 2009 but there was no representation on behalf of Ashok Rai alias Amit during the hearing on Monday.

The public notice had to be issued because notice could not be served as Rai’s house was found locked on two occasions.

The Supreme Court had on April 2, 2009 issued notice to the Delhi Police and Rai on a petition by the NCW challenging the February 9, 2009 High Court order reducing his punishment from life imprisonment to five and half years — a period he had already undergone in jail.

In a Special Leave Petition ( SLP) before the apex court, the NCW argued that the High Court should not have ordered his release as the minimum sentence for rape prescribed in the Indian Penal Code ( IPC) was seven years.

It pointed out that the decision was based primarily on the ground that Rai had “ redeemed” himself by clearing the civil service examination from jail. The approach was against the dignity of women and inconsistent with the view that a rape convict had to be treated with a heavy hand.

The commission said Rai first established physical relations with the victim after serving her sweets laced with sedatives and, thereafter, threatened to defame her if she did not sleep with some third person from whom he had to seek some favour. The girl, who used to take tuitions from Amit, felt ruined and committed suicide. The trial court had sentenced him to an imprisonment of 10 years for abetting suicide and life for rape.

Woman, lover killed by kin in Delhi

 July 5, 2010

In yet another incident of ‘honour killing’ in the national capital, a Class IV government employee and his lover were murdered by the woman’s husband and cousins, her brother and one of her paramours.

The incident was reported from South Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar and the victims have been identified as Uttam Kumar and Anju. Six persons, including Anju’s husband Karambir, were arrested in this regard.

Investigators found that Anju was murdered allegedly by Karambir on June 22, to which he admitted later during interrogation, the police said.

A senior police official said it also came to light that Anju was simultaneously having a relationship with another man, Naveen Kumar, who is her neighbour and works as a driver with a bank manager.

“She was in contact with him for the last few months and on June 19 night, she was speaking to him over the phone. When confronted, Naveen spilled the beans,” the police official said.

Naveen told the police that he alongwith Karambir and his brothers Deepak, Manoj and Shokeen and one of his brothers-in-law Rishi were involved in the killings, the official claimed.

On the night of June 19 “Anju was having frequent talks with Naveen without letting him know that she had already invited Uttam Kumar to her house. After the conversation, when taking a stroll, Naveen found that a motorcycle was parked outside her house,” the official said.

He called Anju but her mobile phone was switched off. He knocked the door on which Anju peeped from inside the room but did not open it.

“Naveen got angry and called Karambir’s brother Manoj who then informed Karambir and his cousins Shokeen and Jagphool. Rishi also reached the spot. They all barged into the house and caught hold of Kumar and started thrashing him,” the official said. They then allegedly forced Kumar into a car. He tried to resist but was overpowered. They threw his body into a 100-feet-deep well on Sabi River bridge ,” the official said.

Doctor's wife found dead

July 6, 2010

A decomposed body of a woman was found at her relatives' house on Monday evening under Jeevan Bima Nagar police station limits.

A decomposed body of a woman was found at her relatives’ house on Monday evening under Jeevan Bima Nagar police station limits.

According to the police, the victim, Lakshmi (22), was the wife of Dr Devaraj, of Mysore.

Police said, Dr Devaraj is a dermatologist at the Kaya Skin Clinic in the City. He was married to Lakshmi since November, last year. Both of them used to visit Devaraj’s sister, Shweta’s house at HAL 2nd stage very often.

On Friday, Shweta and her husband Sashidhar had gone to Mysore to attend a family function and had given the key to their landlord, as they were aware that Devaraj would visit their place along with Lakshmi on Saturday.

Devaraj and Lakshmi visited Sashidhar’s house on Saturday and collected the key from the landlord. Apart from the landlord, Sachin, a relative of Sashidhar had also seen the couple in the afternoon, before leaving for Mysore. The delivery boy of a hotel had last seen the couple watching television in the afternoon, while delivering the food parcel,” the police said.

When Shweta and Sashidhar came back from Mysore on Monday evening, they found the door locked and were under impression that the duo might have left for Mysore and tried to reach Devaraj on his cellphone. When they asked the landlord for the key, the couple realised that Devaraj had not handed it back.

Finally, they managed to get into the house with the help of a duplicate key, only to find Lakshmi’s decomposed body in the bedroom. There are no injury marks on her body and she could have been smothered to death, according to the police. Devaraj is absconding.

According to Lakshmi’s father Veerappa, Devaraj used to torture Lakshmi to bring Rs 20 lakh as dowry, as he was planning to open his own clinic in the City. Lakshmi was studying in final year BSc at St Phelomina College, Mysore

Woman marries NRI father, son for Canadian immigration

Why should this be surprising, Indian Women marries NRI for free ticket to western country? I call this one way ticket to Gold Digging,  you can also call this Free ATM
Coodhi is aways Coodhi! Had a Man done the same thing the WCM and NCW would be up in arms asking police to issue Red Corner Notice and have the Man extridited, then get women to issue 498a, DV act and as many other False criminal Charges as possible, little short of burning him to the stake, but since women has done this they keep quite.

July 7, 2010

This is one idea that may not have struck even story writers in Bollywood. In her desperate bid to get Canadian immigration, a woman from Punjab conned a millionaire father as well as his son into marrying her.

But her plans seem to have gone awry with not only the NRI father-son duo but also the Chandigarh Police now looking for her.

Cases against her include cheating two men in marriage, getting a fake passport made with forged documents and even involvement in a murder case in Uttar Pradesh. Chandigarh Police's operations cell officials do not rule out her links with terrorists either.

The 'mystery' of the woman, Priya Inder Kaur, has baffled the father-son duo and Chandigarh Police as not much is known about her. The woman is on the run after dumping them and eloping with yet another man.

Kaur married NRI Rajinder Singh Mann, aged around 60 years, in 2001 after staying in his house in Chandigarh's upscale Sector 11 as a tenant for a few months.

It all began after Mann, who had divorced his Canadian wife earlier, started living in Chandigarh in 2001. That's when he met Kaur who came to stay in his house as a tenant. Mann tried to get her antecedents verified but when he failed to do so, he turned her out of the house.

The woman approached him again a few months later and sought help with a job. Taking 'pity' on her, Mann employed her as a helper in his house. The two became close and married in September 2001.

"She thought that being an NRI, I would take her to Canada. But when I told her that I had no plans of going back to Canada soon, she started behaving weirdly and finally divorced me in February 2002," Mann said.

Mann did not hear from Kaur for over two years after that.

In 2004, she came to his house again. Since Mann was not at home, she met his son, Rajan Mann, born from the marriage to his Canadian wife. On learning that Rajan was a Canadian citizen, Kaur befriended him over the next few weeks.

"They went to Leh for a holiday and later got married. She did not let him (Rajan) know that she had earlier married and divorced me. She thought that Rajan would take her to Canada after the marriage. I was staying in my house in Kasauli (Himachal Pradesh) at that time," Mann said.

When Mann came to know of his son's marriage to Kaur and told his son about the earlier marriage, Rajan was shocked and divorced her.

Having lodged a complaint of cheating and forgery against Kaur, Mann and his son came to know that she had even approached the Canadian embassy in New Delhi to work out her immigration to Canada as Rajan's wife.

Operations cell investigating officer Malkit Singh told IANS: "We are investigating the matter. It is a serious matter. All her given addresses have not led us anywhere. Neither she nor her family members live there."

Police officials say that Kaur was also wanted for her involvement in a murder case in Uttar Pradesh.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Politicians' salaries Leaders of the fee world How much a country's leader is paid compared to GDP per person

Ever wonder why Indian politicans are so Corrupted, well for starters their salaries are pathetic, if you scrool down you will notice the Indian PM's salary of just over $4,000, thats ridiculus, the Indian PMs salary should be in the range of Russians leaders or at least Indonesia. Their is nothing wrong if you pay your leaders well and you expect them to produce and take no bribes.
I bet at present most Indian politicians under table (corruption) salary out strips the Singapore PMs salary of $2.1 Million/ year.

Jul 5th 2010

ON MONDAY July 5th Raila Odinga, Kenya's prime minister, rejected the pay increase he was awarded by the country's parliament last week. MPs had granted Mr Odinga a rise to nearly $430,000 a year, while giving themselves a 25% increase to $175,000. This boost would place Mr Odinga among the highest-paid political leaders in the world. More worryingly, his salary would be some 240 times greater than the country's GDP per person (measured on a purchasing-power parity basis). Lee Hsien Loong, the prime minister of Singapore, tops our list of selected leaders' salaries. He is paid more than 40 times the city-state’s GDP per person. At the other end of the scale, Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India, reaffirms his reputation for saintliness by taking a modest sum from Indian taxpayers.

Divorce is contagious: Why there is a 75% chance your marriage will fail if your friends split

This is the reason why your Mom always said not to associate with rotten people. This would apply to both Men and Women, but not equally, Women who are getting Empowered are the worst at advising another to divorce then a Man, women are chatter boxes, always seeking advise from another women weather good or bad.

July 5, 2010

If your best friends' marriage is falling apart then beware, yours could also be heading for the rocks.

Researchers have discovered that divorce is catching and spreads like a disease through families, work places and groups of friends.

The domino effect means that if an immediate friend or colleague splits up, your own chance of divorce increases by 75 per cent.

Even the break-up of a friend-ofafriend's marriage boosts your chances of divorce by a third, scientists say.

The researchers describe the effect as 'divorce clustering' - and believe that break-ups within friendship groups force couples to start questioning their own relationships.

They say that a friend's divorce can also reduce the social stigma of splitting up, even when children are involved.

The findings come from a continuing study into the lives of more than 12,000 Americans living in the New England town of Framingham since 1948.

The researchers - led by Dr Rose McDermott of Brown University, Rhode Island - found that every divorce sends ripples through f riends, families and work colleagues.

'These results go beyond previous work intimating a person-toperson effect to suggest a person-to-person-to-person effect,' said Dr McDermott.

Individuals who get divorced may influence not only their friends, but their friends' friends as the propensity to divorce spreads.'

She added: 'A person's tendency to divorce depends not just on his friend's divorce status, but also extends to his friend's friend.

'The full network shows that participants are 75 per cent more likely to be divorced if a person - obviously other than their spouse - that they are directly connected to is divorced.

'The size of the effect for people at two degrees of separation, for example the friend of a friend, is 33 per cent. At three degrees the effect disappears.'

It wasn't just friends who split up that had an impact on someone's relationship.

Divorce among family members and work mates also increased the chances of someone's own marriage ending, the study found.

It also suggests that knowing lots of divorced people can be bad for your marriage. The more divorced people that you know, the riskier your own marriage.

And while many couples cling to the belief that children reduce their risk of divorce, the scientists found it made no difference.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA

Good for a little relief from all the 498a nonscence. Enjoy Shakira, her hips definatly dont lie, oh yeah!

Shakira - Hips Don't Lie ft. Wyclef Jean

Shakira - Whenever, Wherever (High Definition) Eye popping hips

Runaway grooms on most wanted list

Even Interpol has figured out that the Indian Police cry wolf one too many times and has stopped issuing Red Corner Notices on materimonial issues such as IPC 498a. It is amazing how these  feminazi NGO pressured the government and police to act on these false case without any evidence or material facts, they point to one case and say the entire bunch is rotten. 
This is a case of where the police falsely implicates 99 % of the men with Red Corner notices to protect 1 % of women in genuine cases. I call this a total abuse of the corrupted Indian Police force, and its top administrators.

20,000 NRI Bride dumping - NCW SCAM

The simple fact that the NCW has such a rounded figure of 20,000 tells you that their figures are all Bull. Any matrimonial issue is made into a bride dumping issue. With laws like 498a and DVact 2005 wrought for abuse anyone has to go into hiding and if an NRI does it for fear of being caught up in a false case this is Bride dumping. Men according to the Indian government are of no value.
Knowledge is power.

Troubled by ex-wife, cop shoots self

Even after such cases bloody Indian government still wont change 498a law. Unfortunaly Indian law markers have no Balls, they play into the hands of the Feminazi's as a source of vote bank politics, this is a sham and fraud to the nation. Indian govenment has started on the path to total destruction of the family, there is no saving the country now.

April 19, 2010

MUMBAI: The constables of Borivali police station were shocked when they heard a bullet shot coming from the changing room early on Sunday morning. Police inspector S Patil had shot himself in the head with his service revolver and was found lying on the ground inside the room.

"He was on duty the previous night and in the morning, once his shift got over, he walked into the changing room and shot himself," said additional commissioner of police, Ramrao Pawar. In his suicide note, Patil blamed his ex-wife and her brothers for pushing him to take this step.

The Borivali police have arrested Nirmala Desai (50), Baban Desai (45) and Dutta Desai (40) in this case. Initial investigations reveal that Patil was alledegly regularly troubled by his ex-wife and her brothers for money.

Married to Patil in 1978, Nirmala left him in the 1982 since Patil was just a constable at that time and she didn't want to live with him. "They didn't get an official divorce but she gave him in writing that he could marry anybody else if he wants," added Pawar. Soon, Patil married for the second time and now has three children in this marriage. Few years ago, Patil got promoted to the post of an inspector and this is when Nirmala allegedly started harassing him.

"She and her brother would regularly blackmail Patil by threatening to malign his reputation in the society to extort money out of him. Since his children weren't aware of Patil's past, he wanted to keep it a secret and adhered to their demands," said another senior official. With the harassment lasting for almost four years, Patil had already shelled out Rs 7.5 lakh to the trio to keep their mouth shut. Still, Nirmala's brother started demanding Rs 10 lakhs more from Patil. "In his suicide note, Patil has mentioned that this was the main reason for him to take this step," added the officer.

Just four days ago, Nirmala had also sent a written notice to Patil asking for an alimony. The trio has now been arrested under sections 306 (abetment of suicide) and 384 (extortion of money) of the Indian Penal Code.

Misuse of Dowry Laws in India - The World Report

Wake up Call for MEN (PWDVA Rules and its drawbacks)

A wake up call for men to fight against the draconian laws which takes away their fundamental rights and leading to complete destruction of institution of family. This 20 minutes video gives a comprehensive explanation about PWDVA Rules and its drawbacks.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Bail for NRIs easier than Resident Indians

Resident Indians have to take the pain of hiding until the bail is granted. But NRIs can go to work at ease while applying AB.

You can apply for anticipatory bail in the court of your friend/relative's convenience. (District or Sessions court. Don't go directly to High Court first; they will send you to lower court or otherwise if the conditions are not good you will end up with only one option of going Supreme Court.) There will be only three possibilities..

a) Bail granted without any serious conditions.

b) Bail granted with messy conditions like surrender of passport, mark attendance at local police station every day/week etc

c) Bail rejected

Case (a) - You can simply pay a visit to India and get it executed to regular bail. Its just a matter of meeting the Magistrate in his chamber along with your lawyer and get the bail memo within no time. Then it is wise to hand over the memo to the IO in person and say hello to him. Trust me he will not utter anything at you. (This can be done through your lawyer if you are not confident enough)

Case (b) & (c) - You can go to High Court to relax the terms. If still you are not happy with the terms you may either go to Supreme Court or let the AB expire. Then continue your life abroad for few months and iterate the process again. Next time you can say because of official commitments you couldn't get vacation.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Child custody disputes: Whose interest is paramount?

4 July 2010

Disputes between spouses for the custody of their child is taking the form of a battle fought with vengeance inside and outside the court rooms.

In the midst of groups of fathers, mothers, lawyers and the judges — talking, screaming, shouting, listening and ordering — the children are seen hearing about their ‘paramount interest’ being discussed at length.

Someday, these children will look back and question what was their ‘paramount interest?’ Was it independent of the interest of the father, mother, lawyers or the judge? Why were they not allowed to enjoy their childhood and left to be unsafe? Was it not interference with their rights in the guise of protection of their ‘paramount interest?’ The troubling answer may make them lose respect for society, including their parents.

Each of the separated parents suffering from ‘parent alienation syndrome’ tries to have exclusive custody of the child, highlighting how dangerous it is for the child to be with the other parent. Children are asked to tell lies, forced to write letters to judges about their unwillingness to go with the other parent, compelled to give their opinions about their choice of a parent, etc. The volition of the children are given more importance than their actual paramount interest.

The parent, having limited custody rights, tries to play the role of an ‘entertainment-provider’ for the child in order to attract the child. The children are compelled to pose for hectic photo and video sessions to collect evidence to be placed before the courts. They are lured by expensive gifts and foreign trips, excellent holidays provided by a parent as against the other with whom they have to stay, study, be disciplined and learn the hard lessons of life. Without giving much thought, the children often express their wish to stay with the ‘entertainment providers.’

Children are treated as joint properties and demand for shared parenting and equal rights is common. The situation is worse when both the parents are busy with their career goals and the children stay with care-takers or grandparents. Grandparents, who develop attachment to the young children, fight for custody through their children. Everyone is focusing on parenting rights — rights of parents, of father, of mother, sentiments of grandparents, duty of a judge, etc — brushing aside ‘the paramount interest of the child.’

The child’s rights over parents begins with its birth. No one, much less a parent, can curtail this right over the other parent. The child has a right not to choose between the parents, not to judge its parents. It has a right to live in its little world full of fun, play, enjoyment, studies and unobstructed growth, unmindful of the mutual dislike and hatred between the parents. No one has a right to trespass and encroach upon their rights. Who can compensate the mother’s sweet kiss, screams, scoldings, warnings or the father’s hugs, kicks, or shouts?

Subjects of dispute

Frequent shuttling of children between the parents under the directions of the court, repeated contempt petitions between the parents alleging ‘disobedience’ instill a sense of panic among the children who do understand that they are made the subjects of dispute between their parents, and that the fight was against each other through them.

Only in the absence of dispute between the parents can the child stay happily with one of the parents, understanding it as a family arrangement. Each disputing parent fails to understand the indispensable need of the contribution of the other for the welfare of the child.

They forget that they are the only ones standing together who can safeguard the paramount interest of the child. When one of them doubts the bonafide of the other and suspects that the other would not stick to the accepted terms, problems arise. It is in this scenario, that the role of courts becomes indispensable in giving a binding force for the arrangements regarding the custody rights between the disputing parents.

The legislature in its wisdom has left the solution uncovered in the statutes. Even the courts find it difficult to choose between the equally capable and responsible parents of the unfortunate children. Any order passed by the court irritates either of the parents. Judges are often called ‘pro-women’ or ‘anti-women’ or those addressing to please the gallery.

It is high time the parents move from their interest towards the paramount interest of the child. All that a parent has to consider without prejudice is “is the company of the other parent dangerous to my child?” Shared parenting is a misnomer. Parenting cannot be shared with any one much less with the other parent. Each parent plays a unique role in the life of a child.

Ultimately, both the parents need to understand that notwithstanding their relationship as husband and wife no longer being cordial or having come to an end, they continue to be a father and a mother for the child and no statute can change that status.

Portland police re-opening Gore investigation

Women accuses former Vice President Al Gore of Sexual Harrassment, one of the reasons he is now getting Divorced.

July 1, 2010

PORTLAND, Ore. – Former Vice President Al Gore welcomes a Portland police decision to reopen an investigation into a massage therapist's allegations that he groped her at a hotel four years ago, his spokeswoman said.

Kalee Kreider said that Gore "unequivocally and emphatically" denied making unwanted sexual advances. She added that "further investigation into this matter will only benefit Mr. Gore."

Portland police did not say why it was reopening the investigation in its brief statement Wednesday.

"It's now an open investigation and I can't comment," police spokeswoman Mary Wheat said.

Police earlier said they considered the case closed because there was no evidence. They said last week that the woman's lawyer came to them with the allegations in 2006 but that the woman canceled appointments with detectives. The case reopened in January 2009, when detectives interviewed the woman but determined there was insufficient evidence to support the allegations.

The AP does not generally identify people who say they are victims of sex crimes.

The woman alleges Gore made unwanted sexual advances during a massage appointment on Oct. 24, 2006, at the downtown Hotel Lucia, where Gore was reportedly registered as "Mr. Stone." Gore was in Portland to deliver a speech on climate change.

The story first broke when the National Enquirer reported the allegations a week ago.

Kreider also said "the Gores cannot comment on every defamatory, misleading and inaccurate story generated by tabloids."

Gore and wife Tipper announced that they are separating on June 1 in an e-mail to friends.

According to transcripts of the 2009 interview, the masseuse described the allegations at length. She said Gore groped, kissed and pinned her down on a bed. She told Gore he was acting like a "crazed sex poodle."

The woman said she felt there would be consequences if she didn't cooperate.

"I feared that if I ran for the door to get out, I could or would be violently accosted by some security detail," she said. "I felt certain that any, even the smallest complaint from him to the hotel, could also destroy my work reputation."

While trying to pack up, she said Gore "wrapped me in an inescapable embrace," looked her in the eyes and touched her back, buttocks and breasts. She said she asked Gore to stop several times.

"I finally told him and said, you're being a crazed sex poodle, hoping he'd realize how weird he was being, yet he persisted," she told Det. Molly Daul.

She said Gore demanded she drink cognac, though she told him she doesn't drink alcohol. She said Gore became enraged when she refused his advances.

After the alleged incident, the woman said she was dissuaded from contacting the police by liberal friends of hers, whom she refers to as "The Birkenstock Tribe," and of which she counts herself a member.

"It's like being the ultimate traitor," the woman said.

One friend "was basically asking me to just suck it up, otherwise the world's going to be destroyed from global warming," she said.

Clinton says steel vise crushing global activists

Hillary Clinton is the Queen of Feminazi's. This coodhi has nothing better to do then spread her feminist agenda, amazing I never realized the job of Secretary of State entailed the prapogating of this kind of agenda, thankfully she never became President. One think is for sure the steel vise is surely not killing the activists in India, they are killing the men. If this is the essential role of Democracy, I dont need this kind of democracy in India. There is an saying if you give too much freedom to someone they abuse it, that is exactly what the Feminazi's are doing in India, abuse of priviedge and power.

July 1, 2010

KRAKOW, Poland – Intolerant governments across the globe are "slowly crushing" activist and advocacy groups that play an essential role in the development of democracy, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday.

She cited a broad range of countries where "the walls are closing in" on civic organizations such as unions, religious groups, rights advocates and other nongovernmental organizations that press for social change and shine a light on governments' shortcomings.

Among those she named were Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, China and Russia.

"Some of the countries engaging in these behaviors still claim to be democracies," Clinton said at an international conference on the promotion of democracy and human rights. "Democracies don't fear their own people. They recognize that citizens must be free to come together, to advocate and agitate."

Before an audience of several hundred senior government officials, Clinton recalled Winston Churchill's warning 60 years ago at Fulton, Mo., that an iron curtain was descending across Europe. She noted that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, that curtain no longer remains.

"But we must be wary of the steel vise in which governments around the world are slowly crushing civil society and the human spirit," she said. Social activists, Clinton said, are being harassed, censored, cut off from funding, arrested, prosecuted or killed.

Clinton's speech came at the opening of a 10th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Community of Democracies, which has 16 members and is meant to forge international consensus on ways to support and promote democracy.

She recommended that the organization set up an independent means of monitoring repressive measures against social advocacy groups, and that the U.N. Human Rights Council do more to protect civil society. She announced that the U.S. would contributed $2 million to support the work of embattled nongovernmental groups.

Poland was a fitting setting for Clinton's address. The country escaped from decades of totalitarianism in the downfall of the Soviet Union and the collapse of communism across Eastern Europe in the early 1990s — thanks largely to the efforts of the Polish labor movement, Solidarity — whose founder, Lech Walesa, was in the audience for the speech. Poland was holding a presidential runoff election Sunday.

Earlier Saturday, Clinton expressed hope that Russia would drop its opposition to a U.S. missile defense system in Europe and accept an offer to cooperate in developing technologies for shooting down hostile weapons.

"The offer stands," Clinton told a news conference after witnessing the signing of an amendment to a U.S.-Polish agreement on the basing of U.S. missile interceptors in Poland.

Repeating a theme the Russians consistently have rejected, Clinton said Moscow has nothing to fear from a NATO-endorsed missile defense system based in Europe because it will be aimed at Iran's missile arsenal.

"This is a purely defensive system," she told reporters, with her Polish counterpart, Radek Sikorski, at her side. "It does not threaten Russia." Moscow views the project as a potential threat to its own missile arsenal.

Sikorski said his country fully supports the project, which the Obama administration radically altered last year in a move that some critics interpreted as a conciliatory gesture to Russia and a slap at Poland.

The Bush administration had planned to install 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a tracking radar in the Czech Republic. President Barack Obama decided to reconfigure the system to account for what he said were changes in the nature of the Iranian missile threat. Obama's system eventually would include land-based SM-3 anti-missile interceptors in Poland; the early elements are largely sea-based.

The amendment signed Saturday was a technical adjustment to reflect Obama's changes.

Upon her arrival from Ukraine, Clinton laid a wreath and paid her respects at the Katyn Cross, a memorial to the nearly 100 Poles killed in an April plane crash in Russia en route to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Soviet massacre of Polish POWs in Katyn forest. Among those killed in the plane crash was Poland's president, Lech Kaczynski.

Clinton also toured the World War II-era Schindler Factory Museum, which captures in stark images and artifacts the suffering of Jews at the hands of Nazi Germany. Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist, is credited with saving the lives of hundreds of Jews by bringing them to his factory in Krakow from the nearby Plaszow concentration camp.

Clinton spoke in somber tones of the haunting symbols inside the museum.

"We see here the two realities of the Holocaust," she said — the privation and slaughter of Jews, as well as the heroic efforts by some to save them from Plaszow.

She said the Obama administration would seek congressional approval of a $15 million donation, over five years, to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation to help finance an endowment to preserve and safeguard the remains of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. An estimated 1.1 million victims perished at the camp.