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Friday, December 31, 2010

Woman Rips Off Daughter-In-Law's Nipple During Brawl

Dec 17, 2010

First, it's important to note that all parties were drunk. Second, this report contains some of the most cringe-inducing words you will ever read.

The Smoking Gun obtained documents from the Las Cruces, New Mexico Police Department, detailing how Amelia Oveide, 46, was in a confrontation on December 12 with Marie Cadney, 30, the wife of Oveide's son, 26-year-old Jason Cadney.

Apparently everyone was boozing all night, but at 3AM, as is often the case, things turned sour. Amelia was arguing with both her son Jason and his wife Marie, but then focused on yelling at Jason, and it became "very intense." Marie stepped between mother and son. Amelia grabbed Marie's right breast "and began to squeeze and pull on her nipple." Amelia didn't let go, so Marie started punching Amelia in the face. Eventually Marie and Jason threw Amelia out of the house. But Marie could tell something was wrong. And here's your cue to cringe! According to TSG:

"When she untucked her shirt she stated her nipple fell on the floor. She stated she picked it up, put into a bag securing it," cops reported. Amazingly, two hours passed before Cadney "decided she needed to go to the hospital."

Marie had a reattachment procedure and Amelia was charged with aggravated assault.
And we learned a lesson: It's dangerous to stand between your man and his mama when they are arguing


Disgraced ex-Israeli president convicted of rape

Feminazi Witch hunt bring down Ex Isreali President. Jerusalem: Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav was convicted of rape , and caused Prime Minister Netanyahu to say"This is a sad, sad day for all of Israel and it's citizens" ........Paul Begley is not sure the story is true, and may be more about a political "witch hunt" than anything else.

Dec 30, 2010

JERUSALEM – Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav was convicted of rape Thursday, a dramatic fall from grace for a man who rose from humble beginnings to become a symbol of achievement for Jews of Middle Eastern origin.
The disgraced politician, who had rejected a plea bargain that would have kept him out of jail, will likely be sentenced to four to 16 years in prison. The verdict was seen as a victory for the Israeli legal system and for women's rights in a decades-long struggle to chip away at the nation's macho culture, which once permitted political and military leaders great liberties.
"The court sent two clear and sharp messages: that everyone is equal and every woman has the full right to her body," Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu said in a statement. But he added that it was "a sad day for Israel and its citizens."
The Tel Aviv District Court found Katsav, 65, guilty of two counts of raping an employee in 1998, when he was Israel's tourism minister. It also convicted him of lesser counts of indecent acts; sexual harassment involving two other women who worked for him when he was president, from 2000 to 2007; and obstruction of justice.
Katsav denied all allegations, claiming he was a victim of a political witch hunt and suggesting he was targeted because he is a Sephardic Jew — a Jew of Middle Eastern origin. But in Thursday's ruling, the three-judge panel said his version of events was "strewn with lies."
A somber Katsav left the courtroom without commenting, surrounded by his legal team, security guards and family members. His wife, Gila, didn't appear in court.
He was ordered to surrender his passport while awaiting sentencing on a date that was not immediately set. Late Thursday, he was holed up in his home with his family.
Israel's presidency is a largely ceremonial post, traditionally given to elder statesmen as a reward for a lifetime of public service. Winning the office capped a career in which Katsav became a model of success for Sephardic Jews, who for decades were a Jewish underclass in Israel relative to the well-off, European-rooted establishment.
Katsav's world began to crumble late in his presidency when he complained that a female employee was trying to extort him. The woman went to police with her side of the story, detailing a series of sexual assaults. Other women came forward with similar complaints.
According to the indictment, Katsav forced one woman to the floor of his office at the Tourism Ministry in 1998 and raped her. Later that year, he summoned her to a Jerusalem hotel to go over paperwork and raped her on the bed in his room. The indictment alleged that Katsav tried to calm his victim by saying: "Relax, you'll enjoy it."
The indictment alleged that he harassed two women while he was president, embracing them against their will and making unwanted sexual comments. He also was charged with obstruction of justice: The indictment said Katsav tried to persuade one of the women to change her testimony.
Under heavy public pressure, Katsav resigned in 2007, two weeks before his term expired, under a plea bargain that would have required him to admit to lesser charges of sexual misconduct. But in a dramatic reversal, Katsav subsequently rejected the deal and vowed to clear his name in court.
Around that time, he held a bizarre news conference in which he lashed out at prosecutors and the media and denied any wrongdoing. His erratic behavior, in which he shook in anger, waved a computer disc that he said proved his innocence and screamed at reporters, raised questions about his state of mind.
The Israeli public has closely followed the case's twists and salacious details.
The conviction of a former president on rape charges — virtually unheard of anywhere in the developed world — was the latest victory for women's rights groups against the male-dominated military and political establishment.
In the early years of the state, some male leaders were known for womanizing and freewheeling ways, though that culture has gradually changed.
Women's rights groups had rallied against Katsav. On Thursday, hundreds of women stood outside the courtroom holding signs against him and chanting: "The whole nation knows Katsav is a criminal."
Emmanuel Gross, a law professor at Haifa University, said the verdict was a testament to the independence of Israel's legal system. "Our judiciary is not afraid of anyone," he said. "It is one of our greatest strengths."
In recent years, a former finance minister was sent to prison for embezzling funds, a justice minister was convicted of forcibly kissing a female soldier, and former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was forced to resign to face corruption charges. His trial is still in court.
Katsav was born in Iran and immigrated to Israel as a child, growing up in immigrant tent encampments and then in Kiryat Malachi, one of the failed "development" towns that Israel's earliest governments built to populate the desert. Katsav, who is married and has five grown children, still resides in Kiryat Malachi, ahardscrabble town in southern Israel.
Katsav was elected mayor of Kiryat Malachi at the age of 24 — becoming the youngest mayor in Israel's history. He rose through the ranks of the rightist Likud Party to hold a series of Cabinet posts before parliament selected him to be president in 2000. He engineered the upset victory over Nobel peace laureate Shimon Peres by rallying ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties behind him.
Katsav's presidency was largely uneventful. In one of his moments of glory, he shook hands and chatted briefly with the president of archenemy Iran at the funeral of Pope John Paul II in 2005. He also appealed for calm and unity during Israel's traumatic withdrawal from the Gaza Strip a few months later.
On Thursday, Katsav's son Boaz vowed his father would clear his name.
"We will continue to walk with our heads high and all the nation ... with God's help, will know that (my) father, the eighth president of the state of Israel, is innocent," he said.
But one of Katsav's lawyers, Avigdor Feldman, said his client had not yet decided whether to appeal.
Any appeal would likely focus on witness credibility — an area that Israel Radio legal analyst Moshe Negbi said Israel's Supreme Court rarely reverses.
"He has nothing to lose. He will probably appeal, but he doesn't have much of a chance," Negbi said.
A presidential pardon also appears unlikely because of the severity of the offenses. The office of Peres, who became president when Katsav resigned, declined to comment.

Iconic face of Rosie the Riveter poster dies

Dec 30, 2010

Iconic face of Rosie the Riveter poster diesAFP/NA-HO/File – A Michigan factory worker used as the unwitting model for the wartime Rosie the Riveter poster, seen …

 A Michigan factory worker used as the unwitting model for the wartime Rosie the Riveter poster whose inspirational "We Can Do It!" message became an icon of the feminist movement has died.
Geraldine Doyle died Sunday, a spokesman for the Hospice House of Mid Michigan told AFP. She was 86.
Doyle didn't realize she had a famous face until she was flipping through a magazine in 1982 and spotted a reproduction of the poster, her daughter told The Media.
But while Doyle recognized her face under the red and white polka dot bandana, the strong arm held up in a fist wasn't hers.
"She didn't have big, muscular arms," Mrs. Gregg said. "She was 5-foot-10 and very slender. She was a glamour girl. The arched eyebrows, the beautiful lips, the shape of the face -- that's her."
Doyle was just 17 when she took at job at a metal pressing plant near Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1942.
She quit about two weeks later after learning that another woman had badly injured her hand on the job -- she was worried she'd lose the ability to play the cello, her daughter said.
She was there, however, when a United Press International photographer came to the factory while documenting the contribution of women to the war effort.
A picture of Doyle was later used by J. Howard Miller, a graphic artist at Westinghouse, for the poster which was aimed at deterring strikes and absenteeism.
The poster was not widely seen until the 1980's when it was embraced by the feminist movement as a potent symbol of women's empowerment.
The iconic image now graces a US postage stamp and has been used to sell lunch boxes, aprons, mugs, t-shirts and figurines.
The term "Rosie the Riveter" stems from a 1942 song honoring the women who took over critical factory jobs when men went off to war.
Another Michigan woman, Rose Will Monroe, was the best-known "Rosie" after being featured in a wartime promotional film about female factory workers.
Doyle was quick to correct people who thought she was the original Rosie the Riveter, Gregg told the Lansing State Journal.
"She would say that she was the 'We Can Do It!" girl," Gregg said. "She never wanted to take anything away from the other Rosies."
A funeral service is set for Tuesday. Gregg did not immediate return a request for comment.

IPC 498a Quash after Mutual Consent Divorce settlement

DATED: 26.06.2009


CRL.O.P.No.25831 of 2006

R.Arun .. Petitioner


1.State by
The Inspector of Police,
All Women Police Station,
Chennai- 600 018.

2.S.Radhika .. Respondents

PRAYER: Criminal Original Petition filed under section 482 Cr.P.C praying to call for the records pertaining to the FIR in crime No.3 of 2005 on the file of the Inspector of Police, All Woman Police Station, Teynampet, Chennai and quash the same.

For Petitioner : Mr.A. Arulmozhi

For first Respondent : Mr.S.Senthil Murugan 
For second Respondent : M/s.S.Arunachalam

This petition is filed to call for the records pertaining to the FIR in crime No.3 of 2005 on the file of the Inspector of Police, All Woman Police Station, Teynampet, Chennai and quash the same.
2. The petitioner is the husband of the second respondent and they were married on 02.06.2004. Due to difference of opinion and temporamental incompatibility they were separated on 28.03.2005. The petitioner has moved the Family Court for divorce and the second respondent herein appeared before the court and filed her counter. In the mean while, the second respondent lodged a criminal complaint on 20.04.2008 against the petitioner, his father, mother, Maternal uncle , Sister Amudha and sister's husband for offences punishable under sections 498 A, 406 and 506(ii) I.P.C. R/w 4 and 6 of Dowry Prohibition Act . 

In the faimly court, settlement was arrived at, whereby the second respondent has received a sum of Rs.6,00,000/- (Rupees Six lakhs only) towards permanent alimony before the family court. She had agreed to withdraw the case initiated by her in crime no.3 of 2005 on the file of the first respondent. Mutual agreement for separation was filed before the family Court, which is as follows:

"WHEREAS during the pendency of both cases, the parties entered into mediation and decided to move the petition for divorce by mutual consent under the conditions mentioned hereunder:

The First Party Arun has agreed to pay Rupees 6,00,000/-(Six Lakhs only) towards one time settlement of permanent alimony and maintanance to the second party, Radhika. The said amount of Rs.6,00,000/- (Rupees Six Lakhs only) shall be given by way of demand draft at the time of enquiry in the mutual consent O.P. Demand Draft No.471597 dated 27.07.2006 drawn on Bank of Baroda, Alwarpet Branch, Chennai.

The Second party Radhika shall receive the demand draft at the time of recording evidence before the family Court.

The Second party Radhika has agreed to withdraw the police complaint and not to proceed with any other complaint against the first party or his family members.
The parties further undertake to restrain from interfering with each other life in any manner.

The parties shall abide by their undertaking without any deviation."

3.The receipt acknowledging the payment of Rs.6,00,000/- (Rupees Six Lakhs Only) to the second respondent is also enclosed in the type set dt.18.11.2008 along with this petition. The second respondent has also addressed a letter to the Inspector of Police, Teynampet Police Station expressing her willingness to withdraw the complaint on the ground that due to domestic feud, she had lodged the complaint.

4. The Hon'ble Supreme Court in B.S.Joshi V.State of Haryana, 2003(3) CTC 54:AIR 2003 SC 1386, has held that:
"The decision of Supreme Court in Madhu Limaye V.State of Maharashtra, AIR 1978 SC 47: 1978 Cri.L.J.165 does not lay down any general proposition limiting power of quashing the criminal proceedings or F.I.R. Or Complaint as vested in Section 482 or extraordinary power under Article 226 of the Constitution of India. Therefore, if for the purpose of securing the ends of justice,quashing of FIR becomes necessary, Section 320 would not be a bar to the exercise of power of quashing. It is, however, a different matter depending upon the facts and circumstances of each case whether to exercise or not such a power"

5. In the same decision , the Apex Court has held that in matrimonial matters, it is the duty of the Court to encourage genuine settlement of disputes. It is also observed by the Apex Court in the very same decision that:
"14....the hyper-technical view would be counter productive and would act against interest of women and against the object for which this provision was added. There is every likelihood that non-exercise of inherent power to quash the proceedings to meet the ends of justice would prevent women from settling earlier. That is not the object of Chapter XX-Aof Indian penal Code."

6.The Honourable Supreme Court of India ultimately quashed the First Information Report registered on the basis of the Complaint given by the wife against her husband and his relatives for the alleged offence under Section 498-A,I.P.C. In view of the amicable settlement arrived at between the parties.

7. In yet another decision in a similar state of facts and situation in Mohd.Shamin V.Nahid Begum, 2005 AIR SCW 332, the Apex Court has held that the proceedings initiated against the husband for the alleged offence under Sections 406 and 498-A read with 34, I.P.C. Is liable to be quashed in view of the agreement of settlement arrived at between the parties.

8. In both the decisions cited supra, the Apex Court quashed the proceedings in spite of the fact that Section 498-A is not compoundable.

9. The facts of the above said two decisions of the Apex Court cited supra, squarely applicable to the facts of the case and in both the cases the accused were facing charge for the alleged offence under Sections 498-A, I.P.C. And the Apex Court has quashed the proceedings considering the amicable settlement between the parties."

10. In this case, in view of the settlement arrived at between the parties to the matrimonial dispute in the Family Court to secure the ends of justice quashing of the F.I.R becomes necessary. Accordingly the FIR in Cr.No.31 of 2005 is quashed.



1.The Inspector of Police,
All Women Police Station,
Chennai- 600 018.

2. The Public Prosecutor,
High Court of Madras,


Thursday, December 30, 2010

SC woman judge lists daughters as ‘liabilities’

Dec 29, 2010

NEW DELHI: It is a line that even Bollywood has banished for a while now. But while declaring her assets and liabilities, sitting Supreme Court judge Gyan Sudha Mishra, the only woman judge in the SC at present, has listed the marriage of her two daughters in the "liabilities" column, apparently without considering anything to be much amiss. 

The SC's official website in its assets of sitting judges column gives Justice Mishra's declaration where she lists "two daughters to be married" against the liabilities column. While this might be a sentiment still shared by a section of the middle class, it could be regarded as being very politically incorrect, especially on the part of the country's seniormost woman judge. 

Other entries in the liabilities column are "guarantor for education loan of my daughter" and residential house to be built post-retirement. The view that daughters are a "liability" (often because of the high cost of their marriage), or a burden of some sort, is a notion that the government is fighting to eradicate through many campaigns. 

The declaration is likely to attract comment as it is does not seem in sync with the SC's otherwise progressive image on social issues in general and women's rights in particular. It could be seen to be betraying a thinking on which the SC is often called to deliberate on while handling sensitive gender parity cases. 

The assets Justice Mishra, who formerly headed the Chhattisgarh high court, has declared are not out of the ordinary. "Stridhan" of one gold set and "few gold rings and a pair of bangles" are listed under jewellery. There are no shares or mutual funds and fixed deposits total just Rs 5 lakh. 

Justice Mishra has a PPF of Rs 3 lakh and has listed her VIth pay commission arrears as well. Her landed property includes an original allottee of one flat in a society for judges and lawyers in Mayur Vihar in Delhi and a residential plot in Faridabad. The flat and plot cost Rs 5 and Rs 6 lakh at purchase though their value would be much higher now. 

She has shown nothing to declare under the vehicle column while her spouse owns just one Maruti 800. He also has an office space in Rani Bagh purchased in 1999 for Rs 4 lakh and one unregistered residential plot in Fraidabad. He is also claimant to a share in joint family property in Dhanbad


Mother of two, 26, is jailed after being caught naked in bed with 14-year-old schoolboy lover

Dec 21, 2010 

A mother-of-two caught naked in bed with a 14-year-old schoolboy who bragged about the affair on Facebook has been jailed.

Susanne Divers, 26, befriended the boy after meeting him at a party and later began an affair that lasted more than a month.

He was so smitten he boasted on the website: ‘I’ve got the best girl in the world.’

Divers was warned off by police but continued to see him. She was discovered in bed with him by her fiance, who had returned home from work early.

She pleaded guilty to eight counts of sexual activity with a child between December 28, 2009, and February 2 this year. Sentencing her to three years in jail, Judge John Milmo QC told her she cheated on her fiance in a ‘flagrant manner’.

He said: ‘If ever there was a time to stop it was when the police warned you to stay away.
‘Your partner came home and found you both naked. You betrayed your partner in a quite flagrant manner. He’s written to the court and appears to have forgiven you.’

Divers was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and banned from working with children.
Earlier, Leicester Crown Court heard that Divers was dared to kiss the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, during the party where they met.

Paul Prior, prosecuting, said: ‘The defendant described this incident as “more than a peck on the cheek”.’
They soon began swapping saucy text messages and naked pictures of each other.

The boy would play truant from school to meet Divers at her home in Melton, Leicestershire. She tried to end the affair at one point but he was so heartbroken he tried to hang himself and they started seeing each other again.

Mr Prior said: ‘On January 22, the boy visited the defendant’s partner and showed him incriminating texts and told him they’d had sex on seven occasions.

‘She said it was lies and that she never wanted to see the boy again. He then went home and attempted to take his own life.’

It was after the suicide attempt that the police warned Divers about the relationship, but they were unable to act as the boy refused to make a formal complaint.

The pair continued to see each other and arranged meetings around her partner’s shifts, Mr Prior said.

He added: ‘On February 2 Divers’ partner was unwell and came home early.

‘He heard noises upstairs and found the bedroom door locked. He barged the door open... both parties were naked.

‘The boy got up and ran away and was seen leaving the house naked. He rang 999.
‘The defendant was assaulted [slapped] by her partner, for which he was cautioned by police.’
The boy then made a formal complaint to police. Divers, who was engaged to her partner of three years, was bailed but sent the boy a love letter on February 27 saying she was ‘engaged’ to him instead.
Barbara McDonnell, mitigating, said Divers had lost the care of her two sons, aged six and eight, from a former relationship.

She said: ‘It’s very unusual to find a female defendant facing charges of sexual activity.

‘She takes full responsibility for her actions and makes no attempt to place the blame on him.’

Divers sobbed as she was jailed. A sex offences prevention order states she cannot have unsupervised contact with any male under 16.