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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Woman, paramour murder her husband

Jan 1, 2011

New Delhi,  A woman and her paramour were arrested in west Delhi for allegedly murdering her husband on the Christmas night, police said today.
The arrested have been identified as Shobha and Sunil Mallick. They allegedly stranged Shobha''s husband Shiv Nath, a businessman on December 25.
"Shobha told the police she was in love with Mallick before her marriage.
However, due to her parents pressure she agreed to get marry Nath. They were not on good terms with each other and she revived her relationship with Mallick.
"Due to social pressure, she did not want to seek a divorce. At the same time, she did not want to continue to live with her husband. She, along with Mallick, made a plan to kill her husband. As per the plan, they killed her husband by using the pillow," a senior police official said.
Initially, there were no suspicion on the death of Nath as he was a heart patient. However, police persuaded the family to go for the post mortem.
"On December 30, we received the report and autopsy surgeon opined that cause of death is asphyxia consequent to obstruction of airways by combined effect of manual strangulation of neck and smothering. All injuries are ante mortem and fresh in nature.
"The injuries inside the neck are sufficient to cause to death in ordinary course of nature. Following this, a case of murder was registered," the official said.
Source: Yahoo India

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