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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Allu Arjun's Dowry Details Leaked

Mar 22, 2011

Allu Arjun is marrying Sneha Reddy in the manner of ‘na bhootho na bhavishyathi’. The guests are not finding enough time to enjoy every corner that was aesthetically carved at the marriage hall. It is obvious that people tend to know how much must have this rich Arjun’s father in law paid his son in law as dowry. When the details were known people are opening their mouths in awe.

Well, don’t imagine bigger things and end in dreams.

Sneha’s father asked Aravind to demand whatever he wants. But Aravind cozily said, “I don’t want single penny. My daughter in law can just step into our family even without a suit case. Our entire property is hers once she gets the knots by my son. We are already drowned in properties. Let us not bring the aspect of money but step ahead to unite”.

Listening to that Sneha’s father got highly elated and decided to perform the marriage in unbeatable mode. Looking at the arrangements, dishes and glory at the marriage hall many are unanimously saying this is one of best marriages performed in recent times. Sneha is really lucky. And Arjun too for getting a wife of such a great ‘gracy’ look.

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