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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Misuse of ipc 498a by Nisha Sharma exposed after 9 yrs.Munish Dalal & fa...

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  1. this had been possible because of incompetent lawyer on the side of NISHA SHARMA who had not correctly represented the facts in the case.

    YOu know one thing, Sri mati NIsha Sharma is a brave woman, icon of indian woman, Roll model for the indian wives.

    we all support NISHA SHARMA for her bravery to sent innocent WOMEN also behind the bars under the very good law IPC 498a.

    we request, recommend, suggest and advice Sri mati Nisha Sharma Ji to file similar case on the second husband also, So that you will be praised by the whole country and YOUR BIOGRAPHY would become a lesson in their text books for our younger gerneration.