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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Swarup Sarkar demands Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage clause to be made Gender Neutral on CNNIBN

Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage clause to be made Gender Neutral demands Swarup Sarkar vehementally on CNNIBN's Face The Nation programme with Sagarika Ghosh on 26th March 2012. 


Swarup Sarkar ( SIFF) 

Flavia Agnes (Feminist Lawyer)

Malvika Rajkotia (Feminist lawyer)

Poornima Advani (Former NCW chief)


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  1. ALL THE three feminist lawyers are only interested in impowerement of womens but they are demanding that empowerment by taking away the hard earned money of their husband irresepective of their contribution to the matrimonial life.DOES't the husband don't have any duties towards their old age parents,their brothers and sisters if they are unemployed or younger to husband, who will speak for the childrens after divorce, with whome the childerens stay,and who will give that guarantee that the bill which you are trying to make does not yield very terrific effects/outcome in society and if matrimonial crimes increases with the formation of this law then who will take the responsibility, then in that case will you again make another women centrslised law and the show will be going on.
    i dont think the law is good,it is not a gender neutral, it will increases the matrimonial imbalances.