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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shades of grey, series on use and misuse of Sec. 498a

Urvashi Dholakia shot to fame with her Komolika act in “Kasauti Zindagi Kay,” and now she's hitting the small screen once again in a negative role, as a mother-in-law in “Apno Ke Liye Geeta Ka Dharmyudh.” The actress here talks about her career and her comeback of sorts. Excerpts from the interview: 

Tell us a little about the show and your role in “Apno k Ke l Liye Geeta k Ka Dharmyudh”?
The show deals with the use and misuse of Section 498A that empowers and protects women against domestic violence. My role is going to be something very different from what you have seen me play before. I play a mother of four and also the mother- in-law. But yes, my character does have shades of grey. 

You have been slotted into a lot of negative characters. Don't you wish for more variety at times and how has the portrayal of the vamp evolved since you played Komolika? 
It has never been my choice (to play negative roles). I have been offered these roles which I took up and the audience loved. I am very happy doing the roles that I do and consider myself lucky that I am still offered meaty roles. Regarding the portrayal of the vamp, see there will be a positive character and a negative character in a show. There cannot be a lot of change in that. But then I think the way vamps looked then was more glamorous then than now. 

Many new serials today are following the is new trend of basing the story on some real life issues, from child marriages to honour killings. One can see a soap based on the every latest issue hitting the headlines too. Comment on this trend. 
Well what do I say about that? I remember as kids we used to read our English textbooks.The point is we would be taught a chapter and then there would be a moral of the story. This is also almost the same. The serials too are telling a story, the difference is only the medium. They used to put it on paper and we are putting it in a frame. 

Most serials start on the right note with a seemingly steady and interesting plot but suddenly everything goes haywire and the moral of the story is left far behind and we are back to square one. Don't you think so?
I know what you mean. But as actors we don't have a say in the creative department. It is the creative team that decide how the story and the plot should move forward. And it is not that the audience don't like and accept it. They watch the show and as long as the show is getting the TRP's, I don't think there would be a problem. 

You did a few reality shows like “Comedy Circus” and “Ustaado ke Ustaad.” How was that experience?
Lovely. It is a different experience all together. Working with Shakeel ji was wonderful and it was like a whole new world of comedy, because doing comedy serials is different and live stand-up comedy is different and Shakeel ji has so much experience in this field that his work speaks for him and working for him is a pleasure.

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