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Friday, November 12, 2010

Feminism - Don't Fight It

Oct 4, 2009

During a party I attended last weekend me and a couple of guys from Germany and France were slacking out; drinking beer and playing cards. Suddenly the party was raided by an army of feminists who barged in and demanded we socialize with them. Them being women and us being men, we didn't decline the offer. Ten minutes later and I'd managed to offend their flock leader, so they took off, and we had a good laugh. And it was right there that I came to think of it: fighting feminism isn't worth the trouble.

Feminism is like the karmic tar baby Brett Stevens talks about: the more you punch it, the more it will stick to you like glue. You can't fight it because the cause itself becomes counter-productive. Very few men are able to attack, criticize or make fun of feminism without coming off as defensive losers. Women who attack feminism are portrayed as victims of an oppressive housewife lifestyle. We might as well ask ourselves the question what good comes out of attacking feminism at all.

I've said before I'm not against feminism for all women and I stand by that comment. The reason for this is simple enough: some women have male-oriented mental and physical capabilities, and if they want to become the next Angela Merkel or Tyra Banks, I honestly don't see the problem. Feminism becomes a problem when it's applied to women as a collective, because they'll only shoot themselves in the foot and regret their lifestyle when they turn 40.

Many women nowadays postpone marriage and family, which is a problem if you want to maintain a civilization, but I'm not sure we'll be able to somehow force these women to form families and quit higher education. If these women really don't want to have children now, or at all, they're probably not emotionally ready to manage family life anyway. If they pick career over kids, they stand or fall on that choice. The most important thing is that women who do want a family early on in life have the possibility to do so economically, without necessarily ruining their chances of getting a decent job in the future.

My message to all men, who feel they need to constantly defend themselves against feminists, is to wait this one out. If women think they feel most happy playing socially dominant and physically strong, let 'em do it. We'll have a good laugh watching most of them fail and bending over in the bedroom despite all leftist theory--and those who don't and get far in life, good for them. We don't deny anyone happiness. We're Conservative realists who believe in human biological diversity (HBD). Depending on how you respond to reality, you will either become an asset to your culture, or a problem. Take your pick.

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