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Friday, November 12, 2010

STOP I-VAWA imediately (Sign Petition)

 Sign the petition by going to the link below and sign the petition immediatly to stop more draconian gender baised laws taking effect. I-VAWA stands for International Violence Against Women Act.This bill will have International implications for Men and Families the world over, so everyone needs to sign this please.
Sign Petition to stop I-VAWA

Friends, My GOD!!! This is much more dangerous than I was thinking…Many women organizations across world are pushing for this in a co-ordinate way…Draft version of the bill does not say a word about violence against MEN. Believe me we need to mark our strong protest. I am sure Gorky and other senior members are chalking out a strategy for all of us but it is the duty and responsibility of each of us to contribute and do our bit to stop this. Before discussing further please understand the seriousness of the problem. 


Sign Petition to stop I-VAWA

Just Google I-VAWA and you know they have already done planning to…

…Finish MEN…
…Make MEN slave…
…To make further gender biased laws…
…Accelerate the process of misuse…
So what we need to do?

I am spending some time on it to come up with simple ways for our members to participate and mark our protest…
They are…
  • Poll – One initiative is open on
  • Send protest letters
  • Send protest emails
  • Each blog of all members will host protest letters
  • Write comments for each article
  • Start collecting mass signatures against it. We will do it tomorrow at Candle Light Protest
  • All websites to put flash news (blinking) on the home page

Guys believe me, at first I did not understood the seriousness of the problem. If this bill is passed then it is going to be disaster.

Why We Must Stop CEDAW and I-VAWA

Senator Joe Biden will soon be introducing two bills that, if passed, will worsen our domestic violence
programs and lead to family break-up:


CEDAW is a treaty promoted by the United Nations. CEDAW stands for the Convention on the Elimination of
All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. General Recommendation #19 of CEDAW addresses Violence
Against Women. The recommendation does not say anything about violence against men:

If CEDAW is ratified by the Senate, then a U.N. compliance committee would be empowered to review a broad
range of U.S. domestic laws and request that changes be made. Passage of CEDAW would make it more
difficult to reform the Violence Against Women Act.

2. International Violence Against Women Act

Senator Biden’s companion bill is the International Violence Against Women Act – I-VAWA for short. IVAWA
is based on a one-sided survey by the World Health Organization that didn’t bother assess male

I-VAWA would be used to funnel U.S. taxpayer money to CEDAW-mandated programs around the world.

More information about I-VAWA is available from the Family Violence Prevention Fund:

What Can I Do to Stop CEDAW and I-VAWA?

CEDAW and I-VAWA are based on the myth that only men commit domestic violence and only women are
victims. But research paints a very different picture: women are at least as likely as men to engage in partner

RADAR’s Special Reports document how domestic violence programs in the United States violate the civil
liberties of the falsely-accused, discriminate against many victims of abuse, weaken families, and harm children.

Plus, these programs are ineffective in stopping abuse and may actually place victims at greater risk of violence.

CEDAW and I-VAWA are two bills with innocent-sounding names that would break up families, harm children,
and worsen the injustices of the current system. Help get the truth out about the destructive effects of CEDAW
and I-VAWA:
And contact your elected officials today. Tell them to protect families and children. Tell them to “Vote
‘No’ on CEDAW and I-VAWA.”

Actual bill…


Study show MEN are victims of DV

VAWA Harms African-American Communities
VAWA Harms African-American Communities 

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  1. gender biased laws, gender based discrimination is promoting only one matter: legally and socially permitted mental torture and harrassment to a men and his home. It breaks the skeleton structure of a society & a nation: a family. A FAMILY SPEAKS OF A SOCIETY AND CONSTRUCTION OF A NATION AND A LEGAL TERRORIST SPEAKS OF DESTRUCTION AND LEGALLY PERMITTED ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES.