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Thursday, November 18, 2010

First striker's advantage- A live saving option

If we leave our inhibitions and only go by survivalinstincts- we will strike first(when we are under threat of a false case by the wife's side), but alas we are prisoners of our ownshackles(inhibitions, emotions, etc.).

Its not easy to strike first- my family did not strike first since wealso thought "How can a girl's family ruin the girl's marriage byfiling false cases on husband&family". That too when the girls own relative(who knew their mentality too well, and could see the falsecases coming) actually hinted us to strike first, but at that point we never thought it was actually a life saving hint.But after experiencing these things for the last 5 years personallyand through others cases, I really believe that striking first is one of the most fruitful actions, if the situation and capability of the victim warrants it.

I have seen this strategy winning hands down in 2cases which I know closely.Now what else do we want other than the clarity of mind!. When one issure that its a war looming over, one has to break the shackles ofemotions and fight single-mindedly- for the WIN. Of course there areother ways of peace, try them if they apply to your situation.

I just felt that its time for this strategy to become open(let all pre-498a try it), what better way to introduce it in yahoo group. But the tragedy is that even then very less number of people will trythis sure-shot strategy(because of fear, forgiveness, wait&watchpropensity, etc.). At the same time shrewd guys from the oppositecamp will take note. Its always a trade-off isn't it, like life.

I am of the belief that we should flood the courts with firststrikes, this should not remain a phone line secret anymore. This kind of extremism is now warranted since normal defence is not working(will yield only years of painful defence). Last but not the least:this is not a secret for legally aware persons, for them its thefirst option :) . So let there be fire-works, we need all pre-498aguys to think on this lines, fire at will.All helplines to take note too. If in pre-498a, let them strike first.

So I would recommend a counter offensive stretegy, if a first strike is suitable in case of any pre-498a case(using IPC 503, 389, , 341, etc as the case may be. Refer Indian Penal Code sections at : )


Source: BOK

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