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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Woman, lover on run after murder of her would-be fiance

Nov 17, 2010

The Paddhari police in Rajkot district are looking for a woman and her married paramour for allegedly murdering a youth with whom she was supposed to get engaged on November 17. 

Sarifa Abba, a Wankaner resident, and her lover Janak, allegedly stabbed to death Firoz Shiekh, a truck driver from Dhandhuka in Ahmedabad district, and later set the body ablaze near Paddhari on November 10. Sarifa, who was last seen with victim, later staged a kidnapping drama of her would-be fiancĂ©. However, her call record details gave away her involvement, police said. 

“We have initiated procedure to arrest Sarifa and Janak,” said police.
On November 11, the police found an unidentified charred body in the outskirts of Paddhari. On November 12, Salim Sheikh registered a complaint with police that his son Firoz had gone missing from Rajkot. While he could not identify the body as it was completely charred, the DNA report now available proved it was Firoz. 

During preliminary investigation, Sarifa maintained Firoz was kidnapped from Aji Dam in Rajkot on November 10. She told the police they had gone to Rajkot to shop. 

Firoz was expected to return to his aunt’s home in Rajkot on November 10. When he didn’t, the family tried to contact him on his cellphone, which was found to be switched off. 

Meanwhile, Sarifa maintained that two unidentified persons who had come in a car had abducted Firoz and that she was clueless about his whereabouts. 

But her call details reportedly revealed she was in constant touch with one Janak, a Rajkot resident. The police also found out it was Janak who had taken the couple to Aji Dam. Janak and Sarifa reportedly have been in love for five years. Fearing that engagement would mean the end of their relationship, they decided to kill Firoz. 

The police investigation revealed that Firoz was stabbed 12 times in a car somewhere on the highway. Later, the body was burnt outside Paddhari.

Source: IndianEx 

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