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Friday, November 26, 2010

Mother told about daughter's death on reality show

Oct 10, 2010

Avetrana, Italy:  Thousands of people have walked past the coffin of a 15-year-old girl whose killing - announced to her mother on live TV - has shocked Italy.

Sarah Scazzi disappeared on August 26th while walking in the town of Avetrana, in southern Italy. She remained missing for weeks while police searched for clues.

This week, police pulled the body of a girl resembling Scazzi out of a cistern just outside the town.
The girl's mother was a guest on a live TV show on Wednesday when she was told her daughter was likely dead and her brother-in-law had allegedly killed her.

Concetta Serrano, clearly in shock, reportedly said that her brother-in-law was innocent before saying she could not believe what was happening.

Federica Sciarelli, the anchor of a popular show about missing person cases on RAI state TV, reportedly told her late on Wednesday night the breaking news that one of the persons being interrogated by police in Taranto, southern Italy, had allegedly confessed to killing Sarah Scazzi, 15, and that the body had been found.

When Sciarelli asked whether the mother understood what was happening, Serrano looked lost and said she was trying to understand.

It was later confirmed that her brother-in-law, Sarah's uncle, Michele Misseri, had confessed to killing his niece, and accompanied police to the cistern where he had hidden the body over a month ago.

Sarah disappeared while she walked the short distance through the town of Avetrana to her uncle's house, where she was supposed to meet a cousin to go to the beach along the Mediterranean in Puglia.

The uncle raised suspicions about a week ago when he gave police Sarah's burned cell phone he claimed to have found while burning leaves near his house.


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