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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toronto man who ran down daughter gets 5 years

Nov 23, 2010

A Toronto father who didn't approve of his daughter's boyfriend was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison for running them down with his minivan.

Selvanayagam Selladurai, 46, pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated assault for the June 1, 2007, incident, in which he drove into his daughter Anitha, 16, her brother-in-law Lenin Sandrasingam, 21, and her boyfriend, Prashanna (Pram) Anadarajah, 18.

Selladurai was initially charged with three counts of attempted murder.
The incident happened after Anitha went missing from home for three days following a dispute with her father about her boyfriend. Anitha said her father didn't approve of Anadarajah because he came from a lower caste in their native Sri Lanka.

Her sister found her at a Scarborough strip mall and told their father.
But instead of trying to reconcile with his daughter, Selladurai drove his minivan into the trio.
Anitha was dragged for five metres under the vehicle and suffered injuries to her head and shoulder. Sandrasingam suffered a broken pelvis, while Anadarajah broke his ankle.

Credit for time served means Selladurai's sentence, delivered Tuesday in Superior Court in Toronto, was reduced to four years and one month.

Source: CBC News

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