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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Patriarchal Toonz -- Czech It Out! (Jan Dismas Zelenka - Trio sonata)

Trio Sonata for 2 oboes, bassoon & continuo No. 2 in G minor,

ZWV 181-2- Allegro

Notice, in the title, that I am using the word "patriarchal" in an offhand manner which might seem to imply that "patriarchy"-- whatever that is! -- is possibly not such a bad thing. And if I understand the feminists correctly, this makes me misogynistic. Did I get that right?

Anyhow, the subject of this post is music. And music is a powerful force in the universe; very few people understand just HOW powerful! That brings us straight back to the subject of "patriarchy". To be sure, music is power. But as counter-feminists, we are also aware that "patriarchy" is simply a feminist codeword for male power of any kind!

So today, we are considering two powers in combination: that of music, and that of maleness. Examples of this combination are plentiful, and I will now share just one, captured in the excellent YouTube video below:

We have here a trio sonata (heavy on the oboes!) by the Czech composer Jan Dismas Zelenka -- who came from Prague, and spent most of his life in Dresden. Or was it Leipzig? I forget. That bewigged fellow in the video is most likely not Zelenka; to the best of my knowledge, no likeness of Zelenka has come down to us. His face is lost to us, and so we have only his splendid voice.

Zelenka is one of those unjustly forgotten Baroque geniuses -- and there are tons of them, awaiting rediscovery. Zelenka seems to be undergoing such a revival himself -- and high time for it, I say! I will certainly be adding Zelenka to my CD collection, alongside Telemann, Vivaldi, Telemann, Tartini, Telemann, and their like.

Today's selection is good, rich manly stuff. The music is hauntingly ethereal and cerebral, but all the same muscular and virile, brim-full and overflowing with testosterone! It is furthermore tinged by a certain wistful melancholy that marks Zelenka's music in general, so unlike the buoyancy of the incomparable Telemann! But melancholy, when so sublimely voiced, brings not depression but peace -- like a glass of fine wine! For truly, there is no more certain road to mental illness than a fatuous longing to live in happy-happy land every minute of every day, and to banish every tiniest cloud from the sky the instant it shows itself. You should rather banish to Gehenna those accursed nitwits who will not permit you to not smile without asking you what is wrong!

Jan Zelenka lived from 1679 to 1745, a time very different from our own, a time when men knew how to be men, and never thought twice about it! Yes, I say they knew how to be men -- as opposed to bootlicking feminist manginas on the one hand, or idiotic macho buffoons on the other! Uninhibited male gusto, and brio, and genius, were the order of the day in earlier days, and this was mirrored in all things. The vampire that we know so well, had not yet fastened itself.

Our musical selection today is, let me say it, pure patriarchy, by which I understand pure male power -- no more and no less. But again, it is male power combined with musical power -- the unchained male passion for life in the undefiled fullness of its potency, operating by laws inherent to itself, and synergistically voiced as rhythm and melody. Men today are not men; and the more square-shouldered they try to be, the less manly, in truth, they become. I hate to use the detestable feminist cant phrase "performing masculinity", but regrettably the shoe fits. And of course, I chiefly blame feminism for this detestable state of things.

Real men, who really did exist and occasionally still do, understood more than just manly strength and heaviness. They understood, as well, grace, lightness and wit!

AND . . . they knew how to wield these things as deadly weapons! We, in our present hour of decadence, may profit by their example.

Enjoy the excellent patriarchal music. I must put aside these light diversions now, and forge ahead with serious work.


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