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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not ready for marriage, Bangalore man strangles lover

Dec 27, 2010

The Bangalore police have nabbed an MCA student who killed his lover after she allegedly hankered him to marry her.

23-year-old Lallan Kumar started living at his sister Mamata's house after getting admission into for a MCA course at the Acharya Institute of Technology, in 2009. At the end of his first semester, Kumar decided to live separately so that he could study without disturbance. 

Within a few days of moving into his new house, Kumar got acquainted with Latha K (35), his new neighbour. While Latha's husband works in Saudi Arabia, she lived in Bangalore along with her two school-going children. Their friendly relationship soon turned in to an affair.

Kumar started neglecting his studies and spent more and more time with Latha. He believed that their affair would end after her husband's return. But Latha had already decided to get a divorce, and marry Kumar. He never took it seriously.

On December 20, Latha called Kumar to her house at 10.30 pm. Since Kumar was preparing for his second semester exams the next day, he refused. Latha persisted, and he finally went over.

Around 2 am, Kumar woke up saying he would head back to study. Latha asked him to stay back, saying that she would commit suicide otherwise, and tied a towel to her neck. Kumar, already angry at the turn of events said that he would help her die, and strangled her.  

He then fled to Bihar. On being questioned, the children named Kumar as being the last person to have visited their home the previous night. After tracking Kumar's mobile phone, a team arrested him from his village.  


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