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Monday, December 27, 2010

All India Women Conference to be held at Hyderabad

Dec 26, 2010

All India Federation of Women Lawyers is organising an All India Women Lawyers Conference on January 7-9 at Hyderabad. The conference is going to be hosted by the Federation of Women Lawyers of Andhra Pradesh.
Justice SV Maruthi, retired judge of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh is going to be the Chairperson of the Conference Committee. The conference for the year 2011 is going to focus on selected topics relevant for law and women. The first topic of the conference is “March of Law – Empowerment of Women”. The three day conference will also focus on “Law and Rights of Children”. The last topic for discussions shall be “Functioning of the Family Dispute Resolution Methods”.

A number of selected delegates would be presenting their papers on these topics. These papers would also be published as souvenirs for the conference.

The last All India Women Conference was held at Ernakulam, Kerala in December, 2009.
The All India Federation for Women Lawyers was established in March, 2007 following a conference of women lawyers representing 15 states in the country. Thereafter, the association has been formally established under the Society's Registration Act.

The Federation jointly with the National Legal Services Authority has taken up the cause of women starting from rights and welfare of girl child to working women. In order to create awareness about the value of the girl child and the need to protect her needs and rights, a seminar was organised at Chennai in March, 2008. The Federation also organised a seminar on "Night Shift Women Workers" in co-ordination with National Women Commission at Bangalore in September, 2008.


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