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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Gabriel case takes new twist as mom, Elizabeth Johnson, heard on phone saying she killed baby

Totally disgusting vengeful murder of her own baby boy, see what some women will do to get back at there husbands, these women dont know were the limit is and go to any extent. She should get the Death Penalty for this crime. 

Dec 21, 2010

A vengeful young mom was caught on tape admitting she suffocated her baby boy, stuffed him inside a diaper bag and tossed him into the trash in a jealous rage, police said.
Elizabeth Johnson of Tempe, Ariz. is accused of kidnapping and child abuse of her son, Gabriel, who was 8-months-old when he was last seen alive the day after Christmas last year in Texas.
Johnson has repeatedly denied she killed Gabriel, insisting instead she gave the child away to a mystery couple in San Antonio.
But, according to a recorded phone call with Gabriel's father, Logan McQueary, on Dec. 27, Johnson allegedly admitted she killed her son because McQueary's Facebook page mentioned he was talking to other women.
"Gabriel is in the dumpster, I killed him this morning," Johnson allegedly says on the tape McQueary made and gave to cops last year.
"You want to talk to girls, that's the price you pay," she said before detailing how she callously killed the baby, according to the recording. "I suffocated him, he turned blue and that's when I put him in his diaper bag and put him in the trash can."
"You left me with no choice," Johnson allegedly adds. "You'd be surprised what a person will do if you push them enough." 
The parents were in the middle of a bitter custody dispute when Gabriel disappeared. Johnson fled to San Antonio with Gabriel and stayed with him in a motel room before allegedly giving him away, a babysitter told  News.
Analisa Urias said Johnson hired her off Craigslist to watch Gabriel in the room under orders to not answer the door and to give the baby medicine "if he started crying to shut him up."
Johnson's grandfather defended her, saying she took back the gruesome statements from the phone conversation.
"This isn't doing Elizabeth any good at all," Bob Johnson told the Arizona Republic last week. "Logan is the only one who has access to [the tape] outside of the police."
He also said Gabriel was given away to a couple from Texas, though the pair has yet to be identified.
Elizabeth Johnson gave cops a vague description of Gabriel's alleged adoptive parents, saying the man was tall with dark hair and the woman was average height with blond hair. Both are white and in their 30s, she said,  News reported.
Johnson remains locked up with no bond in a Phoenix-area jail.

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