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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Japan joins community of nations devastated by family violence laws

Bill drafted to prevent domestic violence 

A draft bill designed to protect women from domestic violence, which a suprapartisan group of House of Councillors' members is planning to submit to the next ordinary Diet session, proposes a restraining-order system to prevent perpetrators of the violence from approaching their victims, according to sources. 
It also calls for the use of prefectural government counseling centers to shelter victims of domestic violence, the sources said. 

The draft bill, which was drawn up by a team of Diet members headed by Liberal Democratic Party member Chieko Noono, is aimed at preventing domestic violence against women and protecting the victims. 
"Spouses" as defined in the draft bill would include partners in de facto relationships with the women in addition to husbands from legally recognized marriages. 

On receiving complaints from victims, courts would prohibit offenders from acting in a violent or abusive manner toward the victims, contacting them face-to-face, by telephone or any other means, or from approaching them for a period of up to six months. 

If necessary, the restraining order could be extended for an additional six months, according to the draft bill. 
The team is currently deliberating whether violators of the law should be imprisoned or fined. 
Counseling centers for women, which the group would like to play a central role in preventing domestic violence, would be able to provide the medical and psychological assistance needed to restore the mental and physical health of domestic-violence victims and provide them with temporary shelter. 

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