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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Secretary, Bar Council of UP PN Tyagi 1- What schemes have the Bar Council launched for the welfare of lawyers?

Dec 1, 2006

Firstly,  there is an insurance scheme for the lawyers, who die before completing

In case of serious ailments,  the monetary  help in given by the Bar Council. In case of permanent disability also, the monetary help is  given by the Bar Council. Besides, Akhil Bhartiya Bar Council Adhivakta Kalyankari Samiti, UP ( under Rule 40) also provides help to the lawyers  for construction of chambers, library and tin shed across the state.

2. What steps are proposed by the Council to check fake lawyers ?

Bar Council often passes  resolution for tracing such lawyers  who practice without being enrolled as a lawyer. Justice SN Srivastava of Allahabad High Court, while hearing a writ petition of Purshottam Giri (no- 12458 of 2006) has passed some landmark directives which will prove a milestone to check the entry of fake lawyers. A meeting of Bar Council will be held on  December 17, 2006 to fix the cut-off date for the lawyers to get themselves  registered before the Court of respective District Judges. The secretary of Bar Council and Registrar-General has sent a letter to all the District Courts in this connection. Now, all the lawyers will have to submit their details before the District Judge concerned.

3. What disciplinary actions are taken against professional misconduct by lawyers?
Bar Council takes stern action in professional misconduct cases. After receiving the complaint, both sides are heard and if the lawyer is found guilty he is either debarred from practice for a specified time or for an indefinite period. In recent past, we have taken action against many lawyers, who were found guilty of professional misconduct.

4. Any measures for enhancing the standard of legal education?

There is Legal Education Committee of the Bar Council of India, which takes steps to enhance the standard of the law education in the country. The State Bar Councils implement the decisions taken by BCI.

5. Any plan to help the newcomers in legal profession ?

For new lawyers, the Council has requested the chief minister to make budgetary provision for funds to the Council so that it could give Rs 2,000/- every month to the new lawyers for a few years. For getting this benefit, a  lawyer should be less than 30 years of age. Besides, the state government has also been urged to give monetary help to deposit the premium for the insurance scheme, launched under UP Advocates' Welfare Fund Trustee Committee, Lucknow.

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