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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The Divorce Express in Colombia Law 962 of 2005
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By Esteban Rada Ortega Colombia - With the entry Into force of Act 962 of 2005, formalized in Colombia WAS The Possibility of divorce by mutual agreement "in the Notary. This option emerges as a tool to highlight the Family Court, Whose time to decide this type of Claim in 1 year for the first instance and up to 6 months under review in the Courts of Appeals.
The fact of the matter is different from ordinary people understand this law. First of all, the divorce petition must be filed through a lawyer, licensed.
The other item is the agreement, which should include whether there will be maintenance obligations between spouses and management of relationships between them in the future.
The third aspect and is always delaying the approval of the application is when the couple has minor children. In this case, you should ask the family ombudsman concept, which takes 2 months and the agreement expressly requires detailed description of who will exercise custody and child support and visitation.
The fourth situation is the question of the liquidation of assets of the conjugal union. This is independent of divorce, and requires an additional process. The price is based on the amount and value of properties in common. Should also be made by proxy.
It is noteworthy that in the case of persons who are outside the country, a divorce can be advanced in full by the lawyer in Colombia who will tell you how to obtain the necessary documents and how they should be presented to the notary.

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