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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Express Divorce in Colombia when their minor children and spouses are Abroad

Divorce Express Colombia minor children and spouses are Abroad  

Colombia Lawyers - One of the most frequent consultations in my office is on the feasibility of the couple divorced when the children and their children are out of Colombia and my answer is Yes We Can.

The mistaken belief is that you must come to Colombia However, new court decisions and a correct interpretation of international human rights standards including the right to a family, to protect the civil state and the rights of children have The Court agreed to divorce Express with lower when they are abroad. It is worth clarifying the legal technique for the filing of "Divorce Express" with spouses and minor children when they are abroad, requires a lawyer specializing in family law in order to invoke the proper standards and thus ensure that Court divorce decree.

Similarly it will be necessary to comply with other requirements such as own divorce agreement on custody, food, residence etc. Concepts that must be organized properly by the partner and lawyer with a view to the judge's approval.

If you are in this situation, please call my office to give better advice, since the EXPRESS DIVORCE WHEN CHILDREN ARE CHILDREN AND FOREIGN SPOUSES as a very recent and when each particular case different should analyze it carefully.

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