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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Divorce in Colombia and Domestic Violence

Esteban Rada Lawyer in Family Law in Colombia

With the increase in behavioral problems in modern society, increasingly seen as the couples attack not only physically but also verbally.

The Colombian legislature in response to these events devote a series of reasons that makes the person who is married and suffer from violence against them or their children, file for divorce before the family court. Article 154 of Civil Code section 3, specifically stipulates that any insult, cruelty and mistreatment of work is a ground for divorce, but also consecrated grounds that can be used with the previous one as the number 7, which is mentioned that is grounds for divorce "all conduct of either spouse, tending to corrupt or pervert the other, a descendant or persons on their city and live together under one roof."

According to social studies, domestic violence not only created by disagreement among household members or by the abuse of power that can come to have a figure in the house, but also from behavior that people have as alcoholism, habitual use of illegal substances or physical or mental illness that induces a person to have aggressive behavior. In view of this, the legislature has allowed to apply for divorce by such acts, in ground 4, 5 habitual drunkenness, use of illicit substances and causal 6, any serious and incurable disease that endangers the mental or physical health of another spouse.

Therefore, if you have some kind of violence against you, go to the competent authority to be protected you and your family, you are hereby likewise authorized by law to file a divorce petition through counsel before the judge Family.

It is important to clarify that should go to a lawyer specializing in family law as the law and procedure for seeking a divorce for these casual requires advanced knowledge in order to have the judge may approve the divorce.

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