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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Divorce Express in Colombia Conjugal Partnership Liquidation  

5 years ago with the enactment of Act 962 of 2005, was formalized in Colombia the possibility of divorce by mutual agreement in the Notary, however since 1970, had the possibility to dissolve and liquidate the conjugal partnership agreement by the parties. Now, people consult at my office on divorce is the same as the settlement of marital property and my answer is NO, NOT THE SAME.

Divorce is limited only to end the marriage but the conjugal partnership continues in force until the couple in a public document of divorce than the liquidation of the community property acquired during marriage.

The possibility that under the law 962 is that after the divorce, the couple can make the liquidation of conjugal partnership as long as they agree IN FORM OF PAYMENT and follow basic requirements such as providing certificates of ownership, the public deed or show the acquisition, peace and sound tax, valuation and management of condominiums, and other documents as the type of property, shares, bank accounts, etc..

DIVORCE AND MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT OF SOCIETY separate acts and are not the same, so the notary costs and lawyers differ in each of the acts, still legal to be charged independently and differently by each of the events (divorce settlement).

It should be added that the presence of the couple is not necessary for the process, as the lawyer does all the processing and signing with the notary, the Deed of settlement of marital property.

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