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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cyclist’s message: Say no to dowry, female foeticide

Jan 8, 2011

Maharashtra based cyclist Bhau Saheb is on a journey that involves two lakh kilometres, meetings with 26 Governors and 14 Chief Ministers of different states and more than 10 lakh people, and his travels have kept him on his cycle for around 18 years. At present, Saheb is on the fourth round of his countrywide tour with a mission to prevent dowry harassment and female infanticide across the country.
In fact, the tour is personal to him as this time, the cause he is fighting for is close to his heart. Saheb decided to cycle for a feminist cause as he was made aware of the need for the same when he witnessed the problems his family faced while getting his sisters married. Following this Saheb took a pledge of eradicate harassment towards women.”I have been going to different states since 1993 and have covered all the states of the country and have met people at various religious gatherings,” he said.

Source: TOI

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  1. Yes agree.Its a good cause. But is anyone out there who can fight for the misuse of various laws by women against innocent Men?
    Any law should be unbiased. A law should be based on justice and should not be like a legal weapon against the innocent.
    Sections 498A has become a Legal Extortion Racket. Is any one hearing it?