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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now, alimony for broken engagement too?

Nov 10, 2010

If the number of cases before State Women’s Commission is any indicator, the days of both families hushing up the matter are a thing of the past

The Karnataka State Women’s Commission (KSWC) is observing the emergence of a new trend of people, especially parents of girls, approaching the body seeking compensation for broken engagements. Parents seek compensation for the money spent on the choultry, food, decoration, album, video recording, gifts to the boy and related expenses.

Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, an official of the commission said, “Earlier, people hesitated to talk about broken engagements. They tried their best to unite the couples or else simply keep quiet. But now, people’s mindset has changed. 
Engagements are called off for various reasons — couple failing to build a good rapport, dowry, family problems, poor financial status of the families and others. 

“We have also heard of break-ups because the future mother-in-law insulted the boy or girl, or on the issue of the boy living with his parents after the marriage.”

Once the commission receives such complaints, it summons both parties. After hearing the case, it directs the police station concerned to enquire and take suitable action.

“In the last few months, we have received five cases of compensation for engagements being called off. 

“The number is minuscule compared to cases of domestic violence and sexual harassment in the work place. We also receive complaints of boys deceiving girls by promising marriage to enter into physical relationships,” added the official.

Source: Bangalore Mirror

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