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Monday, January 10, 2011

How to Avoid Falling for the Fake Rape Scam in Angeles City Philippines

Are you planning to visit Philippines is to not put yourself in dangerous situations with people you do not know. Filipino person you know and trust.the Philippinessoon? If so please take the opportunity to read this article as it will address how you can keep from falling for the Fake rape scam in the Philippines. To start with rape in the Philippines is a unbailable offense and a trail could literally take a decade.
That said the way the scam works is a girl willing goes with you and you have consensual sex with her and then she leaves and returns a few hours later with a policeman with her who is involved in the scam as well.
At this point they demand alot of money from you and you are trapped between a rock and a hard place because either you pay them the money or they file a trumped up case against you and let you sit in a Philippine jail possibly for years without any bail.
Things You'll Need:
Step 1
The easiest way to avoid this scam is to stay away from the women there.
Step 2
If you must put yourself in bad situation then hire a professional or avail servicesof a lawyer.
Step 3
If going out places it is best to take along a friend because you will not be as much of a mark in the Philippines if you are in a group than if you are just alone.


  1. This is an useless article. It's like saying, to avoid getting pregnant or STDs don't have sex. Don't say stuff that we already know. A better written article would have told us what things one should avoid to greatly reduce the chances.

  2. Maybe this article could have said don't pick up free lancers and don't stay in a cheap hotel which does not check the IDs.