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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tollywood Actor Samantha groped, slaps her offender

Well don't get me wrong what the man or men did is indecent and unacceptable in a decent society. But that said, with so many people mobbing the actress how is she to know clearly who groped her, without an argument?
Then the next question is, if she really was trying to ignore the incident, then why did she turn around and slap someone indiscriminately? There is an old saying, good, bad or indifferent, any publicity is good publicity, since its free. 

Jan 8, 2011

Tollywood actor Samantha would like to forget her nightmarish experience of being molested by a couple of young men at a private function in Tirupati on Friday. Samantha, who has acted in Ye Maya Chesave and Brindavanam, was to attend a store launch function at the Mega Mall on PGR Junction here at 9 am. However, she got delayed and arrived at 10.30 am. In the mean time, a 500-strong crowd had gather to catch a glimpse of the star.
Soon after she completed her assignment and stepped out of the mall, Samantha was mobbed. Even as her two companions struggled to keep the unruly mob at bay, a couple of young men groped the actor. Shocked and outraged, Samantha started screaming and slapping the men crowding her.
Talking to this newspaper later, Samantha said she slapped a person only to protect her dignity. “This guy was getting uncomfortably close to me. Initially I tried to ignore him. Even my staff told him to keep a safe distance. But his intentions were nasty, so I had to slap him to protect my dignity.” The episode lasted for a couple of minutes till the mall authorities and some other men ventured into the crowd and rescued her.
The molesters hooted and taunted the actor and within minutes of her departure the unruly crowd in front of the mall dispersed.

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