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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Please join the letter Campaign - Amnesty should STOP MISANDRY

Please Join the letter Campaign - Amnesty should STOP MISANDRY

Salutes to all MRAs

Amnesty International is into Demand Dignity campaign primarily intended to bash men. I have expressed my concerns and request for comments over a month ago, but haven't heard from them yet.

My voice is too feeble to be heard. I request all of you to join this campaign to make it a bigger voice together.

Please print this out and post it (hardcopy) to the address mentioned

NB:- Write "Amnesty should STOP MISANDRY" on the envelope so that few more people out there can see what that letter is all about.

Please Join the letter Campaign - Amnesty should STOP MISANDRY

The Executive Director
Amnesty International USA
5 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10001

Your address

Sub:- Request to stop Misandry

Hello Mr. Larry Cox

May I take this opportunity to get some clarification on Amnesty International’s global “Demand Dignity” Campaign? This is with regard to the report published here

The report spares a considerable amount of space to explain the problems of women and children, even their toilet facilities. I’ve no issues or concerns with that; my concern is that there is no whisper about the problems faced by men and boys! Does Amnesty International have a stated goal to support only those men who are army prisoners?

I would like to know the Views of Amnesty International

Here I’m listing out some of the issues that men face and want to know where Amnesty International stands. I will blog some of the sections in this document and will update it when I get response from Amnesty.

1) “When a woman dies her family is impoverished further – through loss of livelihood, unpaid work for the family, the care and education of children.”

This states that family is supported by women but not getting paid for that service. Does Amnesty International recognize the time energy and effort that men put in to a family to bring food, shelter, clothing and entertainment? If so, how much should men get paid for that service?

2) “Women have the right to determine when they become pregnant, but they are often denied access to contraception or to information that would allow them to control their fertility.”

Does Amnesty International recognize the right of a man to decide whether or not to become a parent?

3) Women have the right to the highest attainable standard of health, but they face economic, cultural and social obstacles in access to health care.

4) Women have the right to life, but they die in large numbers because of poverty, injustice and powerlessness – in their intimate relationships, families and communities.

Does Amnesty International recognize the above statements as a WOMEN’S ONLY problem?

5) They face institutional discrimination, which is then replicated on a domestic level. Women and girls may be forced by their families into early or forced marriages, once in these marriages they may be treated as indentured servants, denied adequate food, imprisoned in their homes and denied access to money.

Does Amnesty International recognize systemic discrimination of MEN which are then replicated on both domestic and social level? Men are socially side lined and denied marriage if they are not a CAPABLE PROVIDER. When married they are treated as FREE ATMs by their wives at domestic level and any sort of discomfort in this socially imposed duty will make him legally accountable and leads to arbitrary deprival of his livelihood and even jail.

Yours truly,

Dated 01-11-2011

Anyway lets use these emails for now.
NY office -

Mid-Atlantic Office -
Mid-West Office -
Northeast Office -
Southern Office -
Western Office -


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