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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

303 domestic violence cases in 2010

 How many Man were abused, verbally, physically and sexually by there wives, no one will know or really cares, this must change now? More men are abused by there wives and girl friends and no one takes notice, domestic violence is a 2 way street, but at present its Male Biased.

Dec 7, 2010

HYDERABAD: Just five days after getting married, a city girl decide to walk out of the relation! 

According to Hyderabad district officials, people quitting marriages due to ego clashes and domestic violence is on the rise. Economic independence among working women has reportedly become a major reason for growing number of domestic violence cases in the twin cities.

In 2009, number of cases recorded were 239 and till November this year, it has jumped to 303. Interestingly, most women who lodged complaints were well-educated and earning good salaries. “

With changing lifestyles, most working women are full of self-confidence and preferred self-independence. Any clash between a couple driven either by dowry harassment or ego clashes, is leading to break up of marriage,” legal counselor J Vijay Bhaskar, who deals with Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDV) told Expresso. The Act came into force from November 2006. 

Interestingly, number of reported cases are also on the rise since 2006. Though it increased unprecedentedly in 2010, officials said it does not signify that violence was not existent in the same proportion in earlier years. “The jump in cases signifies more number of women preferring lodge complaints unlike earlier times,’’ Vijay Bhaskar said. 

For instance, a NRI software engineer married a girl from the city and couple settled in the US. “After going to the US, his wife got a good job based on her commerce background and began drawing more salary than her husband.  Meanwhile, her husband lost his job. 

This led to ego clashes and he forced her to quit the job and return to Hyderabad. But unable to withstand the harassment, she lodged a complaint. Later she went back to take up the same job,’’ the official said.Illicit relations among many working couples is also a recent trend forcing them to break up their marriages. With the increase in number of domestic violence victims, three dedicated special courts have been established in the city. 

Victims can now lodge their complaints online at

Source: Express India

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