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Monday, December 6, 2010

Man dies while fleeing after stabbing his wife

Well had these guys survived they would have faced real Hell on Earth, with the cops and Indian Judiciary. A real twist of fate, the truck driver ends up being the victim here!

Dec 6, 2010

KHAMMAM, Dec. 5: A man knifed his wife at Wyra and fled with his brother on a bike only to be run over by a lorry in the outskirts of Wyra town on Sunday. Both brothers died on the spot.

The deceased have been identified as T. Panthulu, 40, and his younger brother T. Kheema, 28.
Panthulu is survived by his wife, T. Rani, whom he stabbed before getting killed in the road mishap, a son and a daughter. Panthulu had been married to Rani for the past 10 years.

Panthulu had been suspecting his wife’s fidelity and the couple used to quarrel over this.
Vexed by her husband’s behaviour, Rani left home and started living with another man.

The village elders stepped in and tried to settle their dispute on Sunday. During the settlement meeting, a heated argument commenced between Panthulu and Rani.

Suddenly Panthulu took out a knife, attacked Rani, got on to a bike being ridden by his brother and fled.
However, Panthulu and his brother were run over by a lorry and killed on the spot.

Rani, who was seriously injured, was shifted to a local hospital. Her condition is said to be critical.
Wyra police registered a murder case and Konijerla police filed a mishap case.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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