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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Name of Julian Assange’s (WikiLeaks) Other False Rape Accuser is Sofia Wilén

 Looks like the Feminazi's are trying to bring down WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, naturally the Obama Administration would like this, since they are the funders of the Feminazi's. Its all looks a little fishy.  Fake rape charges easy way to get WikiLeaks out of the US governments hair.

Dec 5, 2010

by Ferdinand Bardamu

A reader emailed me to tell me that Julian Assange’s second rape accuser is named Sofia Wilén. She’s the “Woman B” in this article, the stalkerish groupie who slept with Assange but got mad at him after he turned out to be an inattentive geek. There are a bunch of articles confirming Wilén’s involvement in the case, including her friendship with Assange’s other accuser, the psychotic feminist Anna Ardin:
STOCKHOLM/MELBOURNE (Rixstep) — The charges against Julian Assange were indeed trumped up. Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén planned it all. They went to the police station asking for advice, knowing the police would turn it into an accusation of rape. They’re also the ones who leaked the story to the tabloid Expressen.
This was revealed in a letter written by Assange’s Australian barrister to the website Crikey.
A bit of a recap first.
Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén approached the Klara police station in Stockholm on the afternoon of Friday 20 August 2010 to ask questions of the police, purportedly about forcing someone to submit to STD/HIV tests.
The policemen on duty rang up prosecutor on duty Maria Kjellstrand even before the formal interrogation had begun. Kjellstrand - working with no paperwork at all at this point – issued an ‘APB’ for Assange and had the police search the Stureplan district of Stockholm for Assange, ostensibly to bring him in for questioning (and a tour of Swedish isolation cells).
The formal interrogation of Sofia Wilén was only concluded hours later and the interrogation of Anna Ardin didn’t take place until the day after - by telephone.
As seen from Anna Ardin’s SMS history, Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén made the whole thing up - and even decided to leak the story to notorious Swedish tabloid Expressen. The story reached Niklas Svensson and others at Expressen at 19:52.
A colleague of Svensson’s rang up Maria Kjellstrand to find out if the story was true - and Kjellstrand, violating the rules of her office, told the reporter that it was.
Wilén is apparently a photographer by trade. Here are some pictures of her:

This one I found thanks to Legion, at Unfrozen Caveman’s blog:

Here’s another from Advocatus Diaboli:

I ask you to spread the word – Julian Assange’s lying rape accusers are Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén. These women need to be exposed for what they have done. Link to my posts and/or any others you please in blog comment sections, forums, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and the like. Tweet them, Facebook them, email them to your friends. If you have a blog, write your own post on the situation. Bloggers and forumites are welcome to re-publish any and all of my original posts on the debacle in their entirety (aside from this one, you can find them here and here) provided they follow these rules:
1) Attribute the post(s) to me, since I was the one who wrote it/them.
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If you need pictures of Wilén, Advocatus Diaboli has posted another one to his blog. Pictures of Ardin can be found in abundance on Google Images.

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  1. Why don't those two sluts get arrested for defamation.