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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pictures and CONTACT INFORMATION for Julian Assange Rape Accusers

Sweden, arguably the most feminist nation on earth, the same country now contemplating putting the burden of proof on men accused of rape to actually prove their innocence (whatever the f that is supposed to mean), is also home to the two women who have accused Julian Assange of rape.

Unless you have been under a rock, you know that Assange has pissed off a lot of people in very high places, but they are hindered in getting to him because of that pesky old rule of law free speech thingy. But desperate situations require desperate measures. So Swedish prosecutors, who had originally tossed out the flaky charges leveled against Assange, suddenly found merit in them. (Perhaps with the assistance of the U.S. Ambassador?)

At any rate, Assange is now on the world stage.  We should, in the interest of true feminism everywhere, give these two grrls their place in the spotlight as well, albeit quite a bit smaller than the space Assange occupies. After all, one good leak deserves another.
Oh, and by the way, don't tell anyone else.
Anna Ardin
Anna Ardin
Alströmergatan 32
AND/OR Tjurbergsgatan 36 4tr
118 56 Stockholm
Mobil: (+46)73-3907017
AND/OR 0854555332
Sofia Wilen
Sofia Wilén
Torggatan 45
Birthday: 17 Sep

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