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Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweden Divorce

Divorce Sweden

If you want a divorce, you should apply for divorce at the district court where you belong.
To find the right district, click on " Search court ".
  1. Order birth certificate of the Tax Agency, tel 020-567 000. If you call, tell them that it comes to divorce. You can also order birth certificates for divorce from the Tax Agency website (link opens in new window).
  3. Fill out the form "Joint application for divorce" or "Joint application for termination of partnership." You and your spouse may complete the form together. If you do not agree to divorce you can in most cases, complete it alone. Contact the court if you are unsure of how to fill out the form.
  5. If you have children who are under 18 years old, indicate whether custody should be shared or if either parent should have sole custody. If only one parent should have custody, indicate who. If you need assistance, please contact a law firm.
  7. Pay the application fee of 450 crowns to the district court's PlusGirokonto. You can find your account number via the " Search court ". Enter their name, date of birth, address and telephone number to the case of divorce. If you pay online with a limited field of communication, indicate that the divorce and one party's personal identity.
  9. Send or submit the form to the district court together with proof of identity.
If none of you live with your children and you make a joint application for divorce district court may issue them as soon as possible. If you wish, you may receive consideration before you divorce.

If you / your dependent children under 16 years (your, your spouse or children) or if one of you do not want a divorce, you will always consider it. 

The time is always at least six months to one year. Please note that if you still want a divorce when the six months have expired, you must notify the district court (so-called completion). The message must reach the district court after the six months have passed. No particular form is required. You must also then provide the new birth certificate. If the notice of completion is not received by the district court within one year after the cooling off period began, the case is discontinued.

If you have lived apart for more than two years can you get a divorce immediately, even if you have children or not agree to divorce. In that case, you must attach a separate living signed by two people who know you well.


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