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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

(Video) Hillary Clinton Confirms Global Feminist Mission

 Dec 13, 2010

Hillary Clinton made a surprise showing at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Women conference to affirm her dedication to empowering women worldwide, saying “where girls and women flourish, our values flourish.” She also noted that it was appropriate that there was a TED Women’s conference, but not one exclusively dedicated to men.

Saying “women’s equality … is a security issue,” Mrs. Clinton clearly implied that resistance to feminism is a threat to national security, perhaps laying the groundwork for an intervention in a country deemed hostile to feminism. She went on to explain that women’s issues are comprehensively integrated into the “three key elements” of defense, diplomacy and development.

In an interesting development, she told the crowd that she was laying the groundwork for an international, mobile prosecution unit used to target men, which she plans to debut in Africa.

Watch video below:

Although Mrs. Clinton doesn’t mention who will carry out her plans, it is all but certain that the boots on the ground will be filled by young men.

Source: Spearhead

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