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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

(Video) British Airways doesn’t seem to like men

Jan 16, 2010

(Video) British Airways and other agencies choosing to demonise men
02m 50s

I first came across the fact that it is British Airways stated policy to not sit unaccompanied children next to adult male passengers many years ago during filming of the documentary video on this site.

Back then I was outraged and I couldn’t understand the logic of such a policy. If men were really that dangerous around children then they must surely be equally as dangerous to women and indeed, to other men. Why did British Airways allow men to travel at all?

However, I am far less outraged today because this policy, as hateful as it is, is truly mild in comparison with the UK governments opinion of men, and charities view of men and our media’s view of men. It is a minor note in the symphony of misandry that men are subjected to, day-in and day-out.

That said, it is one of the clearest and boldest examples of misandry in UK life and indicates how deeply entrenched negative attitudes towards men are in the British psyche.

Coming from British Airways – the nations favourite airline no less, a publicly traded company, the epitomy of Britishness - such naked hatred of men is almost civilised and must surely be justified with evidence of men’s uncontrollable depravity around children, no?

Here is a clip from one of the documentary films on this site which covers BA’s policy towards men, with commentary from Michele Elliott, former Director of children’s charity Kidscape and author of the book “Female Sexual Abuse of Children”; and Stephen Fitzgerald, Director of the Mankind Initiative Men’s Charity.

(Clip from Film 46 – Misandry: Rape – details of its content here because login is required to view the full film)

Source: manwomanmyth

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