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Monday, October 25, 2010

How hyderabad/cyberabad police has evolved new methods to arrest people in 498a cases bypassing the commissioners order permission?

 This is one persons story and not mine, important knowledge here is get, Anticipatory Bail or AB immediately if you suspect 498a coming.

Apparently our Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy already knows the misuse of these provisions and is letting police across Andhra Pradesh know that arrest procedures should be avoided by Police in familial matters. But, are the AP Police listening ? It is just predictable. How can they let go of the easy money and listen(meaning let go of easy money) to a woman minister - let us see what she can achieve ? Though she has tremendous support and blessings of CM - can she even lift a finger against the atrocities being commited by women. I guess she is also predictable - being a woman and a politician , she will also do the predictable. She will do the routine stuff - yes women are oppressed - they need better representation. Don't they know the difference between policy and misuse ? They are entirely different subjects. Guys, Forget it.
1. Whenever someone comes with a 498a complaint, police officer talks with them and checks the scope of money extortion.

2. The instead of registering the FIR they ask the women to go and get the court order via moving a Pvt application under 156.

3. Once this is done police gathers all the evidences from the women and her crook relatives and present in the report as that was found during the investigation. (they Simply confirms all the allegations without evenhaving the material evidences).

4. One late night (FRIDAYS) they abduct the person in the name of counselling and ask him to go for compromise i.e (Pay the money which she is demanding). If the real victim turns to be brave heart then they will produce before the court and send him to remand.- If the person is too dumb to apply for Anticipatory Bail.

With the support of Jogender Sharma judgment , the accused is ready to co-operate with investigations and investigations can be done without arrest.If police had adviced to go to court to women, it is advantage for husabnds , but need the husabnds to update thier knowledge how to protect the arrest and get AB. They are stressing the people to get the court orders.
But in most of the cases husbands are unaware that the FIR / investigation is launched against them. All this happens behind the screens. The police got the Court order on 30th Jan 2009 and they arrested me on 24th Feb. In the case diary they mentioned that in the gap of 24 days they are investigating my case but they never called me or summoned me to come or help the investigation process.

Hyderabad Police are B***** nowadays - even worse are the magistrates/judiciary. The activism is working. Just need to spread awareness among us so we can go for AB.

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